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  1. interview
    The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“The real problem with journalism is, it’s groupthink. The problem is, the people who practice it are not impressive — especially now.”
  2. Daily Caller Sending High-Schoolers to Troll the White House NowAn intern asked a dumb question to Press Secretary Jay Carney. 
  3. blog-stained wretches
    Tucker Carlson: We Didn’t Pay for Hooker StoryThe Daily Caller scandal continues.
  4. blog-stained wretches
    Daily Caller: WaPo Can’t Keep Hookers StraightSupposedly Menendez’s lady friend has been misidentified again.
  5. blog-stained wretches
    Daily Call Girl Smacks Down Daily CallerSenator Bob Menendez’s alleged prostitute is now saying she lied for money.
  6. gun control
    NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Exploits Made-Up Memory of Hurricane SandyHe called it “the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia.”
  7. blog-stained wretches
    Tucker Carlson Makes ‘Most Punchable Faces in Media’ ListOn Tucker Carlson’s website.
  8. blog-stained wretches
    Tucker Carlson Probably Paid for Obama Video Everyone Had Already SeenHopefully he got a good deal.
  9. blog-stained wretches
    The Daily Caller Has a Free Gun for the Person Who Catches Their HackerAnd for anyone with creative punishment ideas!
  10. blog-stained wretches
    The Daily Caller Hacked With Porn AdsAmerica!
  11. sad things
    Ohio Woman Dies After Hosting Barack Obama for BreakfastGuess which political website politicized her death!
  12. real america
    The Daily Caller Arming Its Readers With Free Guns Until Election DayAmerica!
  13. media
    Conservative Website Giggles at the Word VaginaRachel Maddow dared to cover reproductive rights.
  14. in other news
    The Daily Caller May Regret Buying That Keith Olbermann SiteAn attorney who specializes in domain-name disputes thinks Olbermann has a pretty solid case.
  15. in other news
    Tucker Carlson’s Website Is Finally HereAnd it has boobs.