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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

  1. last night on late night
    Amy Schumer Skips Gun-Control Talk on TDSShe said the shooting “broke her heart,” but quickly moved on to lighter topics.
  2. last laughs
    Watch Our Roundup of the Best Political Jokes of the 2012 ElectionFew things create more material than an eighteen-month election cycle.
  3. the daily show with jon stewart
    President Obama on The Daily Show: ‘We Weren’t Confused’ on LibyaObama defends Benghazi response, makes Biden jokes.
  4. politics
    Bill Clinton Explains Secret to His DNC Speech on The Daily ShowListen up, Paul Ryan.
  5. politics
    Marco Rubio Sounds Awfully Democratic on Daily Show, Stewart Points Out“I believe that government should create the conditions for private sector investment.”
  6. first lady
    Michelle Obama on The Daily Show: Barack Is ‘Vegetables’“Is it hard to raise a kid around Joe Biden?” Stewart asked.
  7. video
    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert React to Their Shows Being Used As Aphrodisiacs in Anthony Weiner’s Sexts“You want me to cut my wrists again?!”
  8. video
    Watch Jon Stewart ‘Resign,’ Bleed, During Weiner Apology Bit“We better hurry up this f—ing bit, because I am BLEEDING OUT!”