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The Dakota

  1. real estate
    The Head of the Dakota Co-op Board Is MovingWhy?
  2. things that are supposed to happen to us
    Woman Leaves $8.4 Million Estate to Her ButlerWait — wasn’t that supposed to happen to us?
  3. vu.
    Alec Baldwin to Stay at the El Dorado?The apartment he listed has been mysteriously pulled from the market.
  4. gossipmonger
    Boobs at ‘Jane’Jane magazine asked girls to bare their breasts for a picture spread but canceled after a staffer mistakenly unveiled the identities of the participants. Jake Gyllenhaal and David Fincher had some “artistic differences” on the set of Zodiac. Phillip Bloch was not impressed by how Vogue’s André Leon Talley styled Jennifer Hudson’s thighs at the Oscars. Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselback got into (another) fight at The View, which ended with Hasselback (again) in tears. Graydon Carter and Jim Kelly hosted a book party for Kurt Andersen at the Waverly Inn, and a lot of media bigwigs showed. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not looking to buy an apartment in the Dakota, according to a rep. Spike Lee hung out with Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall.