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The Death Penalty

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Court Halts the Execution of Mentally Ill Texas InmateScott Panetti reportedly believes that “Satan” is responsible for ordering his death.
  2. capital punishment
    Utah Lawmaker Wants to Bring Back Firing SquadsPaul Ray argues that it’s a more “humane” method of execution.
  3. Photos: A Haunting Look at America’s Execution ChambersEven states that haven’t put anyone to death for decades tend to have a facility for doing so.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Federal Court Grants Inmate Stay of ExecutionThis would have been the first execution since the botched death of Clayton Lockett.
  5. the death penalty
    The Horrifying Details of Clayton Lockett’s Torturous Execution in OklahomaA lethal injection failed last night: “It looked like torture.”