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The Democratic Party

  1. uaw strike
    Biden’s UAW Rally Exposes the Bankruptcy of Trump’s PopulismBiden walking the picket line while Trump addresses a nonunion auto plant perfectly illustrates their parties’ distinct approaches to labor issues.
  2. vision 2024
    The Rise of the Young, Liberal, Nonwhite Republican?A significant minority of GOP voters are not what you would expect.
  3. the left
    The 28 Types of ProgressivesOr why it’s important not to conflate questions of value with questions of fact.
  4. the left
    The Case Against Supply-Side Liberalism Is WeakCritics of the ideology have grossly misrepresented what its proponents actually claim.
  5. the left
    The ‘AOC Left’ Has Achieved PlentyThere is nothing progressive about denying progress.
  6. the economy
    It Makes Sense That Bidenomics Is Unpopular (So Far)For all its virtues, the president’s economic agenda has yet to increase living standards for most Americans.
  7. millennials
    Millennials Will Not Age Into Voting Like BoomersOlder millennials are getting more conservative as they age, but the generation’s politics are still distinctly left-wing.
  8. debt ceiling hostage crisis
    The No Good, Not That Bad Debt Ceiling DealExtortion paid off, but only a little bit.
  9. electoral autopsies
    The Return of the Emerging Democratic Majority?In the most highly contested midterm races, millennials and zoomers turned out in even higher numbers than they did in 2018.
  10. early and often
    Liberals Shouldn’t Fear Ron DeSantisThe Florida governor may be popular for now. But his support for slashing Social Security and banning abortion will catch up with him eventually.
  11. the big picture
    The End of ‘Zombie Neoliberalism’?There is burgeoning, bipartisan support for big government.
  12. early and often
    The Data-Driven Strategy Behind Democrats’ State-Level Success in 2022The president’s party almost always loses state-level power in midterm elections. Here’s how Democrats bucked that trend last year.
  13. early and often
    The GOP Is More Dependent Than Ever on Democratic DysfunctionAs the Republican base has grown more blue-collar, the party’s agenda has remained plutocratic.
  14. house arrest
    This Is Not What Democracy Looks LikeContrary to the claims of conservative pundits, the GOP’s mutiny against McCarthy is not a sign of the party’s democratic vitality.
  15. early and often
    The NYC Media Might Have Cost Democrats the HouseAfter New York outlets hyped rising crime, counties in the NYC media market voted more Republican than their immediate neighbors.
  16. early and often
    One Worrying Sign for Democrats in the Midterm ResultsThe gubernatorial elections in Georgia and Ohio suggest that a right-wing Republican could win moderate voters in 2024 merely by not being Trump.
  17. the midterms
    David Shor’s (Premature) Autopsy of the 2022 Midterm ElectionsDemocrats won the midterm by persuading independents, not mobilizing their base, according to the Democratic data guru.
  18. the midterms
    For Democrats This Midterm, Winning Isn’t EverythingThe long-term survival of social safety-net programs and blue-state abortion rights may depend on Democrats losing by a little instead of a lot.
  19. early and often
    The Media Did Not Trick Voters Into Disliking InflationIt is possible for a voter to worry more about rising prices than creeping authoritarianism without ever watching CNN.
  20. the big picture
    How the Diploma Divide Is Remaking American PoliticsCollege graduates and blue-collar workers have distinct cultural values. Myriad changes in American society are increasing the importance of that gap.
  21. early and often
    Democrats’ Problems Go Beyond Joe ManchinThe West Virginia senator is more a consequence than the cause of the party’s failures.
  22. political science
    The Urban-Rural Culture War Has Gone GlobalThroughout the developed world, the city and the country have developed sharply divergent social values.
  23. liberalism
    Ibram X. Kendi Does Not Run the Democratic PartySo why do some centrist pundits pretend otherwise?
  24. the pandemic
    The Democratic Party’s ‘Mask Off’ MomentVoters are sick of the pandemic and public-health mandates. Democrats can’t stop the former, so they’re ending the latter.
  25. politics
    Democrats Are Doing Weirdly Well in RedistrictingThere’s now an outside chance that the House map might end up slightly biased in the Democrats’ favor.
  26. joe manchin
    The Democratic Agenda Dies of DelusionsManchin’s views are fallacious and classist. But they’ve also been crystal clear, and the Democratic leadership willfully ignored them.
  27. 2020 hindsight
    Why Democrats Are Losing Ground With Hispanic VotersA new report sheds light on one of 2021’s defining political questions.
  28. the republican party
    Only Republicans Can Stop the Republicans NowThe biggest obstacle to the GOP’s political dominance is now the party’s own dearth of ideological discipline.
  29. critical race theory
    When Keeping It ‘Woke’ Gets Racist, Liberals Should Say SoSome of the things that conservatives have dubbed “critical race theory” aren’t worth defending.
  30. politics
    The GOP Got Away With All of ItGlenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia suggests that Republicans will pay no sustained price for abetting Trump’s assault on democracy.
  31. political science
    Is America Too Rich for Class Politics?A new theory for why affluent Democrats vote against their economic interests.
  32. the inside game
    What Joe Biden’s 1988 White House Rivals Think of Him NowMore than three decades have passed. Some things have changed — and many haven’t.
  33. ideas
    The Delusions of the Radical CentristWhy Michael Lind’s iconoclastic brand of populist politics fails to convince.
  34. midterms
    Democrats’ Odds of Keeping the House Are Slimming FastWith redistricting reform stalled in Congress, and Democratic turnout weak in special elections, the GOP is cruising to House control.
  35. racial justice
    Avoiding White Backlash Is a Racial-Justice IssueDemocrats can’t make major legislative progress on racial equality without winning more Senate seats. To do that, they must win more white votes.
  36. the democratic party
    Biden’s COVID-Relief Bill Is a Big F**king DealThe Democratic Party has internalized the left’s critique of its Obama-era approach to fiscal policy, child welfare, and legislative strategy.
  37. vision 2020
    Joe Biden Is a Tool (But Progressives Can Use Him)Biden’s (likely) nomination is cause for disappointment but not despair.
  38. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Can the Republic Strike Back?Trump’s anti-democratic impulses have shaped American public life for two years now. Election Day is a chance to shift that dynamic.
  39. centrism
    America Already Has a Centrist Party. It’s Called the Democrats.Are you part of the “Exhausted Majority” that opposes both Donald Trump and far-left activists? Good news: there’s a party for you.
  40. One Year After Trump’s Victory, the Democrats Aren’t in DisarrayThe first 12 months of the Trump presidency have been better for Democrats than most would have ever imagined.
  41. oops
    The Dysfunction of the Democratic Party, Distilled in One TweetIt’s just one tweet. But, boy, does this tweet fail on multiple levels — and in revealing ways.
  42. The Problem With the Democratic Party in One Milquetoast TweetThe bill that would unravel Barack Obama’s signature law and throw millions off of their insurance needs to be…revised?
  43. What Bernie Sanders Gets Right About Identity PoliticsIdentity-based critiques of economic reductionism have become tools for obscuring the divergent interests of rich and poor Democrats.