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The Discourse

  1. the discourse
    Cancel Culture Grows UpHave we figured out how to separate the repugnant from the merely unlucky?
  2. screen time
    The Hollywood Writers’ Strike and the Threat of AIHow did trolling about ChatGPT become the new “learn to code”?
  3. the discourse
    How Anti-Racist Is Ibram X. Kendi’s Anti-Racism?His approach to fighting racism contains glaring inconsistencies and contradictions that might undermine his own project.
  4. the discourse
    ‘Defending a Free Society’ Requires Radically Changing This OneThe myopia and hypocrisy of “philosophical liberals” undermine their critiques of “cancel culture.”
  5. full name: yoda yoda
    ‘Am I Allowed to Say Baby Yoda?’: Rules for the Yoda DiscourseOne fun trick that lets you call Baby Yoda “Baby Yoda” without being wrong.