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  1. Univision Buys Controlling Stake in the OnionArea hombres.
  2. President Trump Would Destroy the EconomyThe Donald’s (sketchy) policy proposals suggest big stimulus, big inequality, and a global trade war.
  3. funny money
    Totally-Not-Trump-Affiliated Super-Pac Shuts Down After Campaign Ties Surface“Mr. Trump has said he doesn’t have a super-pac. So to honor his wishes, I’m shutting my organization down.”
  4. the donald
    Mexicans Pummel Piñatas of New National Villain Donald Trump He’s full of candy, not hot air.
  5. the donald
    After Much Teasing, Donald Trump Will Exit The ApprenticeIt’s a sad day for America.
  6. the most important people in the world
    Donald Trump Says Trump Casinos Tarnish the Trump NameIs that even possible? 
  7. the donald
    Donald Trump Serious About the Possibility of Pulling Another Publicity StuntHe says he might run for governor of New York if the GOP “unifies” for him.
  8. conspiracy theories
    Donald Trump Pretty Sure President Obama Is the Reason He’s Getting Sued Of course.
  9. the donald
    Donald Trump Sued for Running Scam UniversityAttendees paid between $1,495 and $35,000 for useless classes and mentorship programs.
  10. juxtaposition of the day
    Juxtaposition of the Day: Donald Trump EditionDonald Trump is going to CPAC. Chris Christie is not.
  11. the donald
    Trump: Interest in New York Times in ‘Evaluation Stage’“I think there’s a lot of dissension in the family.”
  12. the donald
    Donald Trump Makes President Obama an Offer He Will Definitely RefuseProving that even our lowest expectations were not quite low enough.
  13. the donald
    Donald Trump Has a Big Announcement About President Obama and It Will Be Big!So big.
  14. metaphors
    Donald Trump’s Bronx Golf Course Is Alarmingly GassyMethane meets money.
  15. the donald
    Donald Trump Not a Fan of ‘Loser Salon,’ Which Is His Name for SalonWhy won’t trump disparage us?
  16. stuck in the mittle
    Donald Trump’s Birtherism Not a Dealbreaker for Mitt Romney Romney is still refusing to distance himself from the Donald’s big mouth.
  17. the donald
    How Much Longer Can Mitt Romney and Donald Trump Stay Pals?Trump, an increasingly prominent campaign surrogate, is also still a hard-core birther.
  18. the donald
    Donald Trump Tees Off Members of His Palm Beach Golf ClubWe are not making above golf puns.
  19. the donald
    Donald Trump Wants to Be Mitt Romney’s Secretary of Lunch ProtectionThis is definitely what Mitt Romney wants us to be talking about.
  20. the donald
    Seven Other Things Donald Trump Has Taken Credit ForHe thinks he’s responsible for Mitt Romney’s win in Nevada.
  21. the donald
    Mitt Romney and Donald Trump Battle for Handshake SupremacyTwo really rich men battle for dominance.
  22. the donald
    Who the Hell Is Donald Trump Endorsing Today? [Updated]Nobody seems to know! It’s madness!
  23. the donald
    Donald Trump Is the Country’s Sixth-Most Admired ManHe only received support from one percent of the population, but still.
  24. the donald
    Donald Trump Still Sending Personal Notes to Bloggers He HatesSeriously, what do we have to do to get one of these?
  25. the donald
    Even Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Participate in the Donald Trump Debate AnymoreTrump has pulled out of this own debate.
  26. the donald
    Trump Claims Debate Rejection Hurting RomneyTrump’s perception of his own influence is a thing to behold.
  27. the donald
    Donald Trump Wants to Keep His Options OpenHis presidential “options.”
  28. the donald
    Trump Says He Knows the Issues Better Than All the Other ModeratorsHe’s a humble man.
  29. Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Not Interested in Trump/Newsmax Debate [Updated]Or its “circus-like atmosphere.”
  30. the donald
    Donald Trump Still Believes in Michele BachmannHe’s still not totally sure about Obama’s birth certificate, though.
  31. the donald
    Mitt Romney and Herman Cain Both Have Dates With Donald TrumpThe Donald continues to play the field with the GOP candidates.
  32. the donald
    That ‘Jim Perry’ Fellow Really Made a Good Impression on Donald Trump [Updated]Awkward.
  33. the donald
    Donald Trump Just Going to Pretend That He Was Leading the Race When He Dropped OutHe wasn’t. Here are the polls.
  34. the donald
    Donald Trump Takes Rick Perry to an Actual RestaurantHe decided against bad pizza this time.
  35. the donald
    Donald Trump Is Now Accepting Gold Bullion From TenantsIt’s almost like he’s into publicity stunts or something.
  36. the donald
    Ivanka Trump, at Least, Is Taking Her Dad’s Threats to Re-Run SeriouslyThe Donald is “absolutely” serious, she tells us.
  37. the donald
    Americans Find Presidential Candidates More Compelling Than KardashiansTrump’s new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contract is lucrative.
  38. the donald
    Watch Donald Trump Shout at the Camera for Four MinutesTrump explains that he didn’t run because he likes money.
  39. the donald
    Donald Trump Vastly Overestimates America’s Post-Apprentice Appetite for Donald TrumpHe’s still grunting about running for president.
  40. the donald
    ‘I Thought That Trump University Was a Real Institution’Trump’s for-profit schools are probed.
  41. the donald
    Who Got Suckered by Donald Trump?Bill Maher, Charles Krauthammer, Mike Huckabee, and, obviously, Dick Morris.
  42. the donald
    BREAKING NEWS: DONALD TRUMP NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENTSorry, we have to sit down for a second.
  43. the donald
    More Than 300 People Are Suing Donald Trump … for Being Donald TrumpA lawsuit over luxury high-rises.
  44. the donald
    Is Donald Trump Done?According to one pollster, he’s fallen from first to fifth in just a month.
  45. the donald
    Donald Trump Is the Least Racist Person in the World Because a Black Person Won The Apprentice Six Years AgoAccording to Trump.
  46. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Incomplete Vietnam ExplanationHe says he got lucky, but he didn’t mention that he also got a medical deferment.
  47. the donald
    Trump to China: ‘Listen You Motherf—ers, We’re Going to Tax You 25 Percent’Watch Trump repeatedly drop the F-bomb in a speech in Las Vegas.
  48. anti-trumpites
    Rand Paul Wants to See Donald Trump’s CertificateOf Republican Party registration!
  49. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Guess Who Donald Trump Is Castigating!’So many people!
  50. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Low Ceiling, or, Why Donald Trump Is Like The Human CentipedeBear with us.
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