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The End Is Near

  1. the end is near
    Video: A Two-Minute Look Back at the 2012 Election That WasA mere year and a half ago ago, it felt like this day might never come.
  2. the end is near
    Harold Camping Is Zero for ThreeFor better or worse, the world is still here.
  3. the end is near
    Harold Camping Says Today Is the End of the World, AgainThis time it’s going to be quiet.
  4. the end is near
    Only 51 Percent of Republicans Think Sarah Palin Would Ascend to Heaven During the RapturePresident Obama received 19 percent support.
  5. the end is near
    Harold Camping Insists That Judgment Day Did Actually Happen on SaturdayThe man is sticking to his guns.
  6. the end is near
    Against All Odds, World Still Exists“It’s been a tough weekend,” Camping said.
  7. the end is near
    Long Island Firefighter’s Wait for the Rapture Goes Unfulfilled“When the sky goes dark and you feel a rumbling, I’m going to ask you and the kids to step outside very quickly.”
  8. the end is near
    In Fact, a Volcano Erupted in Iceland Today, Causing 50 EarthquakesGrimsvotn probably won’t even cause air-travel issues. But: The end is here.
  9. the end is near
    Today Is the Day the World May End [Updated: Not Just Yet]Rapture expected. Stand by.
  10. the end is near
    Bloomberg Skipping Town During the ApocalypseAbsent during another emergency.
  11. the end is near
    Rapture Rupture: When Your Parents or Boss Expect the End of Days“I keep my friends as far away from them as possible.”
  12. the end is near
    The May 21 People Placed This Full-Page Ad in USA TodayHere it is.
  13. the end is near
    A Conversation With Harold Camping, Prophesier of Judgment DayHe is very, very sure that the world will end on May 21.