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The End Times

  1. bye bye boehner
    Debt-Ceiling Deadline Grows Closer and CloserHowever, things could change if he doesn’t do something about the debt ceiling. 
  2. michele bachmann overdrive
    The ‘End Times’ Are Upon Us, According to Michele BachmannHelping the Syrian rebels was a really big mistake.
  3. econogeddon
    The Markets Are Very Upset This AfternoonConcerns about financial regulation, Europe, and the domestic economy have roiled the markets.
  4. checking in on voles
    British Water Voles Acting UnusualScientists have found evidence that the adorable furry creatures may be turning carnivorous.
  5. the end times
    On Top of Everything, Heidi Montag Can’t Move Her FaceWhat is going on in this country?
  6. panic-demics
    By the Way, We All Have Swine FluMaybe that wasn’t allergies after all.