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  1. weird science
    Why Are Orcas Targeting and Sometimes Sinking Boats in Southern Europe?There were two more incidents of orcas going after boats in the Strait of Gibraltar this week, and it’s still not clear what is causing the behavior.
  2. early and often
    How Did Donald Trump Beat Pete Buttigieg to East Palestine, Ohio?Democratic flailing gives Republicans — no friends of the environment or rail safety — an easy victory.
  3. what we know
    The Big Questions About the Ohio Train DerailmentAlmost two weeks later, there is still concern and confusion about the health risks and scale of the environmental disaster.
  4. the environment
    Great Job, Everybody, We Saved the Ozone LayerThe ozone layer is on track to recover to its 1980 values around most of the world within a few decades.
  5. the environment
    New Yorkers Can Now Compost ThemselvesNew York is now the sixth state to legalize human composting, which is one of several emerging green burial methods.
  6. adam neumann
    Adam Neumann’s New Business PlanThe former WeWork CEO wants to get rich(er) by helping corporations appear more environmentally sustainable than they really are.
  7. climate change
    Once Again, Environmentalists Are Sabotaging Climate ProgressThanks to conservationist opposition to nuclear and hydropower, New York’s carbon emissions could surge in the coming years.
  8. science
    How to Understand the Powerful Volcanic Eruption Near TongaVolcanologist Jess Phoenix walks us through the science of Saturday’s explosive natural event in the South Pacific and what might happen next.
  9. tomorrow
    The Case for Climate ReparationsA trillion tons of carbon hangs in the air, put there by the world’s rich, an existential threat to its poor. Can we remove it?
  10. california oil spill
    California’s Oil Leak Is Part of a Larger Disaster in the MakingAnd America has barely begun to tackle it.
  11. just asking questions
    ‘A Fire Age Is Upon Us’Fire historian Stephen Pyne puts the ever-worsening problem of wildfires, and humans’ relationship with fire, into context.
  12. gallery
    Views From the Heat-Scorched Pacific NorthwestThe region is enduring a record-obliterating heat wave.
  13. the environment
    Trump Admin Now Rushing to Imperil Arctic RefugeBefore he leaves office, Trump is trying to let oil companies drill in America’s largest wildlife refuge.
  14. extreme weather
    The 2020 Hurricane Season Is Officially Out of NamesThe record-breaking hurricane season has forced meteorologists to use the Greek alphabet to name storms for only the second time in history.
  15. life after warming
    California Can’t Afford to Wait for Climate ActionThe horrific fires of 2020 are just a preview. No matter what we do, two to four times as much land area will soon burn annually in the West.
  16. life after warming
    Global Warming Is Melting Our Sense of TimeClimate change isn’t just a brutal form of time travel to both the future and prehuman past, it is discombobulating to our very sense of linear time.
  17. life after warming
    The Coronavirus Is a Preview of Our Climate-Change FutureThe warming of the planet will lead to pandemics that are far more dangerous and disruptive.
  18. climate change
    U.N. Climate Report: ‘Unprecedented Changes’ Needed to Avert CatastropheAvoiding disaster will require changes with “no documented historic precedent.”
  19. epa
    EPA: Actually, a Little Radiation Might Be Good For YouThe Trump administration is moving to weaken rules related to radiation exposure.
  20. gross things
    Alabamians Are Sick of New York’s CrapNew York City is cutting ties with a Birmingham-area landfill after local outcry over the smell of their imported Gotham sewage.
  21. The EPA Is Driving Away Scientists and That’s Just What Trump WantsMore than 700 EPA employees, 200 of whom are scientists, have left the agency since Trump took office.
  22. the environment
    Report: Trump Administration EPA Going Soft on PollutersMaybe people who hate the EPA shouldn’t run the EPA.
  23. hunting
    Trump Reinstates Elephant Trophy Ban, Possibly for GoodThe president had said he wanted to review whether or not killing elephants saves elephants.
  24. New Govt. Climate Report Says Earth Is Getting Hotter and Humans Are to BlameThe Trump administration has a few people who disagree.
  25. Flying Insects Are Disappearing and That’s Not a Good ThingA new study shows a dramatically reduced biomass in obnoxious but necessary flying insects.
  26. climate change
    This Isn’t ‘the New Normal’ for Climate Change — That Will Be WorseThe wildfires raging in California, the hurricanes that battered the United States: they are only the beginning of what is to come.
  27. climate change
    Will Irma Finally Change the Way We Talk About Climate?This summer’s outbreak of extreme weather should force everyone to see climate change for what it is and what it does.
  28. harvey
    EPA Denies Houston Superfund Sites Being Neglected, Attacks ReporterThe AP reported on Saturday that several Houston area toxic-waste sites had flooded and were not being checked by the agency.
  29. natural disasters
    When the Waters Recede, Trash Piles UpIn the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas will have an untold supply of trash, and it will have to go somewhere.
  30. Fearing Environmental Disaster, Big Oil Wants Trump to Slow Regulation RollbackThe oil giants also want to make sure smaller companies have a hard time sharing in their success.
  31. the environment
    The Dakota Access Pipeline Went Online TodayOn the same day President Trump withdrew from an international climate deal, the controversial project started shipping oil.
  32. global warming
    Report: Trump Saying He Will Pull U.S. Out of Paris Climate DealAmerica’s exit from the agreement wouldn’t doom the 195-country pact, but it would increase the danger the world faces from global warming.
  33. protests
    Tens of Thousands March Against Climate Change, Trump in Washington, D.C.The massive crowd braved record temperatures and, yes, brought good signs, too.
  34. the environment
    Obama Names New National Monuments in the WestThe president has so far put 548 million acres of land and water under federal protection.
  35. standing rock
    Protesters Declare Victory After Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline HaltedThe U.S. Army has decided to deny permits for construction of the oil pipeline while it investigates alternate routes.
  36. the environment
    Standing Rock Protesters Vow to Remain at Camp, Despite Army Corps OrderNorth Dakota officials are pressuring the federal government to intervene in the seven-month-old protest.
  37. north dakota pipeline
    Hundreds Injured, Some Seriously, in Dakota Access Pipeline ProtestOne protester had a heart attack, and another went into surgery after her arm was injured by a concussion grenade.
  38. The North Pole Is Basically Hot Right NowA spike in Arctic temperatures and a record-low ice-sheet extent add to 2016’s climatic woes.
  39. More Than 140 Arrested As North Dakota Pipeline Standoff IntensifiesClashes with protesters and police.
  40. The Environment
    Significant Oklahoma Earthquake Rattles Central U.S.No injuries have been reported, but the quake was likely man-made — a byproduct of the state’s oil and natural-gas industry.
  41. the environment
    As America’s Largest Reservoir Hits Record Low, a Dam Debate ReturnsNow that the Colorado River basin’s water supply is drying up, should we consider undoing some of America’s greatest engineering feats?
  42. the environment
    Kenya Lights the Largest Ivory Bonfire in HistoryThey torched more than 100 tons of confiscated ivory and rhino horns in an attempt to discourage poaching.
  43. bad science
    Japanese Fleet Kills Hundreds of Pregnant Whales in Apparent Violation of UN BanJapan “researched” the whales before they brought them home to market.
  44. the environment
    Obama Administration to Nix Atlantic Coast Drilling PlanThe Arctic will probably stay off limits as well.
  45. Next Challenge for Flint: Enormous Piles of Empty Water BottlesTheir recycling program was not ready for this. 
  46. the environment
    Bolivia’s Second-Largest Lake Is Now a WastelandIt has basically disappeared. 
  47. life on earth
    The Sixth Mass Extinction May Actually Be HereA group of scientists have concluded a historic die-off is indeed under way, and humans will be among the threatened species.
  48. climate change
    This Greenland Glacier Lost a ‘Mountain Range’ Worth of Ice in the Last MonthFor those who think they’ll be long gone by the time climate change matters.
  49. neighborhood news
    New York’s New Superfund Site Is a Block in Ridgewood It’s the most radioactive place in the city.
  50. neighborhood news
    As a Superfund Site, the Gowanus Canal Will Take Ten to Twelve Years to Clean UpThe city claims its own plan would have been much faster.
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