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The Filibuster

  1. politics
    Key Moments From President Biden’s First News ConferenceBiden doubled his COVID vaccination goal and discussed his plans for addressing the filibuster, voting rights, and the migrant surge at the border.
  2. the national interest
    Here’s Why the Filibuster Is a Jim Crow RelicA peculiar Senate rule that has stayed around only because of racism.
  3. mitch mcconnell
    McConnell’s Warning of a ‘Scorched-Earth’ Senate Is an Empty ThreatMcConnell warns that Democrats will regret abolishing the filibuster, but the GOP leader may not actually have liberals’ best interests at heart.
  4. the filibuster
    How Dems Can Turn Filibuster Reform Into the ‘Moderate’ OptionThe imperative to pass a new voting rights act – and renew Biden’s child allowance – could erode moderate resistance to weakening the filibuster.
  5. the filibuster
    The Democratic Party’s Civil War Over the Filibuster Has Barely BegunThe Democrats’ existential interest in enacting major reforms — and its marginal senators’ aversion to tough votes — remain on a collision course.
  6. coronavirus stimulus
    On COVID Relief, Dems Should Go Small Then Go It AloneDare Republicans to oppose a clean “vaccines and checks” law, then roll everything else into a reconciliation bill they can pass on a party-line vote.