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The Flu

  1. the flu
    This Year’s Flu Shot: Only 23 Percent EffectiveProbably wasn’t worth waiting 30 minutes at Duane Reade for a free one.
  2. the flu
    This Season’s Flu Is Officially an EpidemicTwenty-two states are reporting a “high” level of flu activity.
  3. the flu
    Your Flu Vaccine May Basically Be UselessIt’s not as effective as usual against this year’s strain.
  4. scary things
    Government Labs Closed After Accidentally Exposing People to Deadly Diseases Oops.
  5. Tapping Elbows Is the New High-FivingThanks, flu.
  6. sick days
    New York’s Supply of Flu Shots Is Dwindling Don’t freak out.
  7. the flu
    New York Is Now a State of Flu EmergencyGo get a shot!
  8. status cuomo
    Governor Cuomo Offers New York a Free Ticket to the Gun ShowWhile getting a flu shot.
  9. sick days
    Awful Flu Season Also Features Gross Norovirus, Whooping CoughWash your hands.
  10. don’t freak out but
    This Google Map of the Flu Outbreak Is Not ComfortingEveryone currently has or will soon have the flu.