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The Future Is Coming

  1. the future is coming
    Jay-Z Takes Us One Step Closer to the City of Our DreamsPhone chargers everywhere.
  2. the future is coming
    Stanford Withdrew Its Bid for a New York Campus [Updated]Cornell’s chances to win the tech sweeps are looking better.
  3. the future is coming
    Salman Rushdie Broke Up With Devorah Rose Via FacebookThere’s a headline we never dreamed we’d type.
  4. the future is coming
    Central Park’s Joys Will Soon Be Available on the InternetWhy leave the house, ever?
  5. the future is coming
    Facebook Will Reportedly Undergo Privacy AuditsPer a settlement with the F.T.C.
  6. how tweet it is
    The C.I.A. Has a Special Twitter and Facebook UnitThey’re called the “vengeful librarians.”
  7. the future is coming
    Hey, Commenters, Google Might Be Indexing What You SayThey’ve apparently just changed what they crawl for.
  8. the future is coming
    Vogue Loves Rachel Sterne, the City’s “Head Nerd”That’s fashion-speak for chief digital officer.
  9. school daze
    Which School Will Rule Roosevelt Island?Either Cornell or Stanford, probably.
  10. the future is coming
    Facebook Forms a PAC [Updated]The company unveiled yet another new feature.
  11. the future is coming
    Mark Zuckerberg Likes Steve Jobs NowInteresting timing.
  12. the future is coming
    People Overreact to New Facebook FeatureFacebook lets you tell people if you’re pregnant now. Who cares?
  13. america!
    The Youth Come Into the City to Hungrily Soak Up CultureApple and Shake Shack!
  14. the future is coming
    Apple Is Reportedly Now in Talks to Buy HuluThe company faces some competition.
  15. the future is coming
    When Twitter Met Facebook: Jerks, Nerds, and VulcansA parable from the wilds of Silicon Valley.
  16. the future is coming
    New York Uses Twitter More Than Most of the World, Says a ScientistAnd downtown Manhattanites use Twitter and Flickr the most.
  17. the future is coming
    Computer Learns to Understand Written Text“If you’d asked me if I thought we could do this yet, I’d have said no.”
  18. the future is coming
    Facebook Finds Two New Ways to Win War Against HomeworkVideo chatting and group messaging.
  19. the future is coming
    Biz Stone (Sort of) Leaves Twitter to Restart Mysterious Obvious CorporationDetails on the new project are scant, however.
  20. the future is coming
    Pope Benedictus XVI Pens His Very First TweetIt isn’t controversial. Yet.
  21. the future is coming
    Yahoo Is Trying to Buy HuluThe online video service is considering an unsolicited acquisition offer.
  22. the future is coming
    Machine Known As ‘K’ Dubbed World’s Most Powerful ComputerIt’s a prestigious title.
  23. the future is coming
    Facebook Kind of Hemorrhaging Users NowIt lost 6 million in the U.S. alone this May.
  24. apple
    Apple Announces iCloud ServiceIt’s free — as long as you buy music only through Apple.
  25. the future is coming
    Random 16-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party Becomes German Social Event of the Year1,500 people showed up.
  26. the future is coming
    Mark Zuckerberg Only Eats Animals He’s Killed HimselfOh hey, Killer.
  27. the future is coming
    Peter Thiel Just Named the Lucky 24 Kids He’s Paying $100,000 to Stay Away From CollegeThe man with two degrees from Stanford pays kids not to go to school.
  28. the future is coming
    Mark Zuckerberg Beefs Up His Lobbying Efforts With Two Top Former Bush AidesTo join his twelve-person team in Washington.
  29. freedom of tweet
    30,000 Twitter Users May Face Legal Action for Tweeting About a Soccer Player’s Affair With a Reality TV StarRyan Giggs’s super injunction gets no respect.
  30. party like it’s 1999
    Lerer Ventures Raises Another $25 Million for New York Start-upsEric Hippeau, HuffPo’s recently departed CEO, will run the new fund.
  31. party like it’s 1999
    Goldman Sachs Proves Wall Street Didn’t Screw LinkedIn“Which bank, after all, is the greediest and most knowledgeable of them all?”
  32. the future is coming
    LinkedIn IPO Rakes in BillionsInternet company in Mountain Valley, California earns venture capitalist-backers billions. No, not that Internet company. The one down the street.
  33. the future is coming
    Foxconn Workers in China Demonstrate Hot New Trend of PlankingFor macabre purposes.
  34. party like it’s 1999
    Hot Damn, LinkedIn’s Got an IPO Price That Just Won’t QuitIts valuation is now up to $4.1 billion.
  35. the future is coming
    New York City Government — Now With WiFi and More Social MediaMayor Bloomberg offers a plea for reporters to be less ridiculous.
  36. the future is coming
    Apple Approved an Escort-Service App for the iPhoneSugarSugar helps people find Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships.
  37. private eyes are watching you
    Facebook Thought it Might Be Useful to Pay Ex-Reporters to Plant Negative Stories About GoogleBusted!
  38. the future is coming
    Mr. Cool Tweets From the Top of Mount Everest“Talking to my amazing wife on the summit of Everest.”
  39. party like it’s 1999
    ‘Facebook of China’ Stock Dive Might Make Mark Zuckerberg a Little NervousHow low can your stock go?
  40. let me upgrade you
    Mark Zuckerberg’s $7 Million Mansion Comes With ‘Privacy Hedges’Will the hoodie go next?
  41. the future is coming
    Facebook and Google Are Giving Skype the Once-OverAcquisitive looks.
  42. private eyes are watching you
    Apple’s New Software Update Stops the iPhone From Tracking Your Every Move for a YearGreat news — for people who want to opt out.
  43. the future is coming
    Facebook’s Leaked Earnings Might Mean a $100 Billion IPOEverything’s coming up Zuck.
  44. the future is coming
    YouTube Founders Go Back to Their Internet ‘Roots’ and Buy Delicious From YahooIt lives!
  45. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Deigns to Explain Privacy Tracking So You Noobs Will Shut Up Already JeezAlso they blame a “bug.”
  46. the future is coming
    You Have Until May 31 to Get Your Friendster Testimonials Before It’s All ErasedRIP to the original Facebook.
  47. the future is coming
    Facebook Launches a Groupon Killer, Wants to Be Your EverythingSomeone knows how to get you to spend Facebook credits.
  48. ink-stained wretches
    Headline Guessing Game Wins Hacker-Journalist ContestGuess whose headline.
  49. the future is coming
    Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama Are ‘in a Relationship’Silicon Valley sidles up to the White House.
  50. planned obsolescence
    Apple Will Ship the iPhone 5 in SeptemberA leak about a new product on the same day its Apple’s earnings report is expected.
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