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  1. artificial intelligence
    Inside the AI FactoryAs the technology becomes ubiquitous, a vast tasker underclass is emerging — and not going anywhere.
  2. screen time
    Elon Musk’s Incredible Shrinking FutureHe charmed his fans with visions of Mars and cool cars. But an “everything app” just sounds like a nightmare.
  3. just asking questions
    Will the Metaverse Really Transform Our Lives?Venture capitalist Matthew Ball on the virtual worlds that may define the future.
  4. the future
    Will DALL-E the AI Artist Take My Job?I was unnerved by how well DALL-E 2 mimics a human photo editor, turning text into original artwork. So I put my AI competition to the test.
  5. the future
    Lessons in Tending Your MetaverseWhat Facebook could learn from Reddit.
  6. the money game
    Why Your Group Chat Could Be Worth MillionsIf you turn it into a DAO, that is. But what’s a DAO? It’s a little bit cryptocurrency, a little bit gamer clan, a little bit pyramid scheme.
  7. excelsior!
    New York Will Be Electing a Governor Soon. Who Is the Front-runner?There’s a big question hanging over the field — and it doesn’t even involve Andrew Cuomo.
  8. the future
    Jessica Cisneros Should Be the Future of Her PartyDemocratic leaders are on the wrong side of a generational conflict.
  9. the future
    Here Is Precisely What’s Gonna Happen in Tech in 2019What’s in store for us this year? Just all of the things on this very real list.
  10. 2038
    What Will Happen to the Supreme Court in 20 Years?Legal reporter Dahlia Lithwick reveals her prediction for the future of the Supreme Court.
  11. select all
    Glitch Capitalism: How Cheating AIs Explain Our Stagnant PresentAmerican society has come to follow the same logic as glitch-hunting AIs, and in the process become vulnerable to huge inequalities and injustices.
  12. select all
    5 Early Technology Adopters Who Are Living Life Like It’s Already TomorrowFrom the family with the robot house to the guy with four virtual assistants
  13. the future
    Austria Legalizes Future HoverboardsBack to the Future is still somewhat in the future.
  14. urban planning
    Is NYC Doing Enough to Prepare for Rising Seas?What our urban future might look like, whether or not the climate predictions prove true.
  15. I Saw the Future in Las Vegas, and It’s SkyMallA dispatch from the future — that is, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 
  16. the future
    Nicholas Carr Doesn’t Want Your Self-Driving CarA Q&A with the author of The Glass Cage.
  17. neighborhood news
    The Obamas’ Guide to NYC: Why the First Family Should Probably Move to BrooklynThe president is reportedly eyeing New York City after the White House. We’ve got some ideas.
  18. the future
    Google Unveils Cutesy Little Self-Driving CarNo steering wheel, no brake pedal, no person.
  19. ink-stained wretches
    Time, Sports Illustrated Selling Cover Ads NowTime Inc. breaks new advertising ground before it goes public.
  20. 100 person poll
    How 100 New Yorkers Feel About E-Cigarettes and Vaping in PublicNearly 40 percent of locals have vaped, based on our survey.
  21. app-stained wretches
    New York Times Goes a Little Bit HerA new mobile app, with a morning greeting.
  22. the future
    Google Acknowledges That ‘Glassholes’ Are a Thing“Don’t be creepy” is the new “Don’t be evil.”
  23. stand clear of the closing doors
    Fancy, Futuristic Touch-Screen Subway Maps Have ArrivedIn Grand Central, with more to come soon.
  24. new york’s finest
    NYPD Not Necessarily Against Becoming Google GlassholesCops are reportedly testing the device.
  25. stand clear of the closing doors
    MetroCard Going the Way of the Subway Token, Soon-ishNow 20 years old, the MetroCard is set to retire by 2019.
  26. the future
    Amazon Unveils Plan to Deliver Packages Using DronesIn a few years, if Prime Air doesn’t prove lethal.
  27. the future
    You Still Can’t Use Your Cell Phone on an Airplane, Thank GodBut the FAA has expanded use of most other electronics.
  28. cable news news
    Fox News Has the Biggest Computers on Cable, for Facts and StuffWelcome to our dystopian nightmare.
  29. the future
    Whee, Jetpacks Are Finally Here!Reserve yours today.
  30. FAA Says You May Never Have to Turn Off Your Electronics AgainFlight rules will likely be loosened.
  31. the supremes
    DNA Samples Are the New Fingerprints, Supreme Court SaysThe court has upheld warrantless cheek swabs.
  32. the future
    Soon You Can Use Your Smartphone to Hail a TaxiA judge said it was okay.
  33. the future
    NYPD Rocking Fancy New Android Phones (That Don’t Make Calls)But they don’t make calls.
  34. the future
    In the Future, All Wars Will Be Fought Between Drones and LasersUtopia. 
  35. the future
    Getting a Fake New York ID to Become Much More Difficult The state unveils its driver’s license re-design.
  36. the future
    New York Times Not Sorry for Sinking Tesla Stock With Bad ReviewCEO Elon Musk called the article “fake.”
  37. the future
    NYPD Testing T-Ray Device to See Through ClothesCreepy? You decide.
  38. the future
    Google Flooding the Streets of Its NYC Neighborhood With Free Wi-FiChelsea gets lucky.
  39. the future
    NYC Taxis Are Going to Give New Technology a TryThe TLC approved a one-year pilot program for hailing apps.
  40. the future
    Some Pay Phones Are Now Giant, Slow SmartphonesFor anyone without one of their own.
  41. the future
    New York State Senator Proposes Crime-Reporting AppIs it really snitching if it’s on your phone?
  42. the internet
    Websites May Soon End in a Bunch of Weird WordsLike .sex or .baby.
  43. international intrigue
    Obama Using the ‘Arts of Cyberwar’ Against IranThe future is now.
  44. the future
    Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and James Cameron Are Going to Mine Asteroids NowIntroducing Planetary Resources Inc. 
  45. the robot apocalypse
    Does Robot Sex Count As Cheating?This is our future.
  46. neighborhood news of the future
    City’s New Internet Machines Will Be Less Disgusting Than Pay PhonesBecause you can’t hose down a pay phone. 
  47. the future
    Pay Phones to Be Replaced by Internet Machines New York City’s street-side communication machines are getting an upgrade.
  48. Buzzfeed: The New Species at Iowa’s Media Watering HoleTalking with new editor Ben Smith as he begins to change the site’s identity with Iowa coverage. Plus: Check out the press pass.
  49. early and often
    There Were Some Snafus With Those Fancy New Voting Machines Snafus = 20,000 New Yorkers who didn’t have their votes counted.
  50. privacy
    Google Often Gives the Government What It WantsThe company almost always gives up user data when asked.
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