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The Gays

  1. the gays
    SCOTUS Will Rule on Gay Marriage This TermThis bodes well.
  2. the gays
    Gay Men React to the FDA’s Proposed Blood-Donation GuidelinesThey’re, erm … less than happy.
  3. international intrigue
    European Court Rules Out Boner Tests for Gay Asylum SeekersShould use gaydar instead.
  4. very bad things
    Gambia Will Lock Gays Up and Throw Away the KeyEspecially if they have HIV/AIDS.
  5. the gays
    First Out Gay NBA Player RetiresJason Collins came out in April 2013.
  6. haters
    Russian Politician Cyberbullies Latvian Foreign Minister Who Just Came OutWe’d call him a middle schooler, but that may be offensive to middle schoolers.
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    Big Boo Loses It Over Homophobic Subway PreacherShe does what we all secretly want to do.
  8. oh russia
    Russia Removed a Monument to Steve Jobs Because Tim Cook Is GayJobs is gay by association.
  9. the sports section
    Gay Sports Community Turns Out for Jason Collins’ Brooklyn Debut “His visibility is his advocacy,” said former NFL player Wade Davis.
  10. dumb things
    King: Gays Can Trap People Into Discrimination Plus: Homosexuality is a “self-professed behavior.”
  11. the sports section
    The NBA’s First Openly Gay Player Is Coming to BrooklynThe Nets have signed Jason Collins to a ten-day contract.
  12. cable news news
    MSNBC Forces Alec Baldwin to Take Some Time Off [Updated]His latest homophobic outburst got his show suspended for two weeks.
  13. Alec Baldwin Apologizes for One Out of Two Offensive WordsHe’s sticking with “fathead” though. 
  14. world’s worst trends
    Cheap Bigot Refuses to Tip Gay New Jersey Waitress “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.”
  15. enda
    ENDA Passes Senate, 64 to 32“Let the bells of freedom ring.”
  16. Hallmark Is Right About the Word GayDon we now our fun apparel.
  17. Congress to Consider Making Workplace Discrimination Against Gays IllegalBut can it pass the House?
  18. religiots
    Waiter’s ‘Excellent’ Service Not Enough to Overcome His Gayness#Kansas.
  19. the sports section
    Is the NFL Blackballing a Good But Possibly Gay Player?The circumstantial evidence says yes. 
  20. stand clear of the closing doors
    Woman Records Enraged Homophobes on Subway, Enraging Them Further [Updated]Can you identify these bigots?
  21. the sports section
    High School Basketball Coach Tells Players He’s Gay, Gets HugsHis players don’t care. 
  22. the sports section
    How NBA Players Are Reacting to the League’s First Openly Gay AthleteJason Collins came out of the closet in a Sports Illustrated story this morning.
  23. the very worst people in the whole entire world
    On Twitter, Westboro Baptists Welcome Gay HouseOr at least they’re pretending to be. 
  24. westboro baptist church
    Gay Pride Center Opens Across From WestboroThey’ll enjoy that.
  25. stand clear of the closing doors
    Gay Subway Hero: Clapping Passengers ‘Gave Me Hope’His first and only interview.
  26. stand clear of the closing doors
    Gay Couple on Subway Was Pummeled by Five Women, One ManA less inspiring story of homophobia on the subway.
  27. stand clear of the closing doors
    Gay Man Decides to Yell Back at Anti-Gay Subway Preacher, Train Applauds“I’m a good man. And I’m a gay man and Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me!”
  28. early and awkward
    Chuck Hagel Had a Big Problem With ‘Aggressively Gay’ Nominee in 1998What is “aggressively gay”?
  29. Child Stars of Yore Gang Up on Kirk CameronNothing like some Cameron-bashing.
  30. the gays
    A Stroke Can Turn You GayA stroke, as in the medical emergency! Come on, guys. Seriously, grow up.
  31. school daze
    Calling People ‘Gay’ Still Very Much a Thing in High SchoolIt’s even gay to play basketball now?
  32. the gays
    Link Between American Evangelicals and Ugandan Gay-Execution Movement Scrutinized“When you speak about a certain group trying to destroy their children and their families … Africans will fight to the death.”
  33. the gays
    Rachel Maddow Shuts Down Gay-Cure AdvocateIn an extended segment last night, the lesbian MSNBC host stomped on Richard Cohen, an unlicensed psychotherapist.
  34. neighborhood news
    Do MTA Police Officers Hate Happiness?A man does a cartwheel in Grand Central Station and gets beat up by a bunch of MTA cops.
  35. commercials
    Canada’s Absurd ‘Gay Dad’ Sandwich Commercial BannedCanada’s Don Draper probably thought this was a groundbreaking commercial idea.
  36. culture wars
    Bill O’Reilly Surprisingly Constrained About California Schools’ Cross-dressing Video for KidsIs Bill O’Reilly softening up or does he just appreciate cross-dressing?
  37. neighborhood news
    Update: Westboro Protesters Vastly Outnumbered by Counter-Protesting BrooklynitesProtest greeted by crowds of ill-wishers.
  38. neighborhood news
    Westboro Baptists to Show Brooklyn ‘God Haters’ What Is UpThe crazies are descending on Brooklyn Technical High School this afternoon.
  39. domains
    Simon Doonan Is an Obese Elf Living in a Palatial Gay FantasiaDoonan describes his apartment in Greenwich Village, and our world spins.
  40. intel
    Lone Protestor at Equality and Justice Day Is Chased Away by Children in Rainbow TightsIntel Chris reports live from the protests in Albany.
  41. intel
    Equality and Justice Day DispatchIntel Editor Chris reports from Equality and Justice Day in Albany.
  42. the gays
    Manderson Puts Himself at the Mercy of the GaysWin a date with Anderson Cooper!
  43. the gays
    Andrea Mitchell Has Just a Hint of That Je Ne Sais Drag QueenThe ‘Observer’ argues that Andrea Mitchell is a gay icon. We’re not so sure.
  44. the gays
    Chaos Among the ClaymatesThe legendarily defensive fans of the pop singer have no idea what to do with the information that their hero is officially gay.
  45. gossipmonger
    Michael Stipe Is Finally Okay With Being GayR.E.M.’s Michael Stipe finally comes clean about being gay in this month’s Spin. Marc Jacobs and boyfriend Jason Preston got into numerous screaming matches while on vacation together in Turks and Caicos and flew back on separate private jets. Danny Masterson had his 32nd-birthday party at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, and it had a mechanical bull. An unnamed socialite dropped from a size 14 to a size 0 by picking up a heroin habit. Eminem, however, has hired a personal trainer to help him lose weight.
  46. in other news
    Salman Rushdie Spotted With Girlie Drink!Cindy Adams, columnist for the masculine organ known as the New York Post, apparently looked at Salman Rushdie askance when she saw the author and bon vivant “chugging a pink drink” at a party the other night, even though the party was, in her own words, “serving pre-prepared Cosmopolitans.” What’s next?, we imagine Cindy squawking to Salman. Hanging out with Elton John? “Look, it’s what they’ve got,” Salman said. “I’m easy.” Let’s hope not too easy, Salman. Cindy wouldn’t want to have to write about you waking up in the back of Lance Bass’s space shuttle some day. Not Running Back, Tiki Offers Advice [NYP]