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The Gig Economy

  1. the gig economy
    Uber Agrees to Pay $100 Million to California, Massachusetts DriversThe settlement avoids having the drivers reclassified as employees.
  2. the money
    Instacart and the On-Demand Middle ClassThe company is ditching the 1099 trend and hiring part-time employees. My failure as a personal shopper shows why that could be a good business move.
  3. tech
    Airbnb Handing Over Host Records for New York Attorney General to Check OutThe two sides have reached an agreement in their subpoena fight.
  4. the gig economy
    Bartender Was a Top NYC Airbnb RenterPeter Chen just thought he was making some spare money — he never expected to be named a public enemy.
  5. the gig economy
    The Sharing Economy Isn’t About Trust, It’s About DesperationWe don’t give rides to strangers because we like them. We just need the money.