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The Godfather

  1. the national interest
    The White House’s Godfather FantasyIf the Trumps are the Corleones, that makes us the marks.
  2. the n-word
    Unless It’s the N-Word, It’s Probably Not ‘Like the N-Word’Chris Cuomo apologized for equating the term ‘Fredo’ with black people being called the ‘N-word.’ But he was echoing a broader trend.
  3. movie reviews
    Mario Cuomo Ends 41-Year Godfather Boycott, Thinks It’s Pretty GoodBut the message is still “horrible.”
  4. an offer he couldn’t refuse
    Don’t Pick Mitt Romney As Your Child’s Godfather“If I’m the godfather of this thing, it gives me the right to kill it.”
  5. crime
    Mobsters Busted for Growing PotThey didn’t pay attention to ‘The Godfather.’
  6. high standards
    Post: They Just Don’t Make Mobs Like They Used ToThe paper would like local organized crime to step up its game.
  7. gilli-brand management
    Rahm Emanuel Gave Gillibrand Opponent an Offer He Couldn’t RefuseHow the Obama White House gets things done.
  8. the sports section
    Will Andy Pettitte Help Send Clemens to Prison? As reported in today’s Post, Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte isn’t taking the latest developments in the Roger Clemens steroid scandal well. If you haven’t been keeping up on your steroid news, Pettitte’s testimony against his best friend Clemens went a long way in corroborating the accusations of Brian McNamee, the trainer who claims to have injected Clemens with steroids and HGH. “I hate it, there is nothing else to say. You all know how I feel about it,” Pettitte told reporters as the Yankees trained in Tampa, Florida. “Whenever you testify against two guys [Clemens as well as McNamee] who are your friends it’s extremely difficult.” Now that the FBI is officially investigating Clemens and many expect him to be charged with perjury, it’s likely that Pettitte will be forced to testify once again. But in light of his shaky emotions, one wonders whether he will be able to summon the fortitude, when it comes down to it, to put Clemens in jail.
  9. in other news
    Hello, Blankfein This morning we learned that Merrill’s Lynch’s soon-to-be-deposed CEO Stan O’Neal had a serious stick up his butt when it came to Goldman Sachs, and that whenever Goldman reported profits O’Neal would “grill his executives” “to the point where you didn’t want to be in the office,” on Goldman earnings days, one former Merrill executive told the Wall Street Journal. Now on DealBook, Andrew Sorkin has done a thoughtful analysis of why Goldman has soared of late while Merrill has tanked, and includes a telling little nugget of info. The new high illustrates how Goldman and Merrill — whose chief executives own apartments in the same Park Avenue co-op in New York — have been on opposite trajectories of late. Shares of Goldman are up— Wait a second. Hold up. Stan O’Neal and Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein live in the same building? Google: Yes! 941 Park Avenue, the plush-but-not-too-plush building at 81st Street that was also home to Tom Brokaw and Claude Arpels. No wonder the dude was all salty about Goldman. Blankfein is clearly the Newman to O’Neal’s Jerry! Look at him smiling like that! Oh, the humanity. As Merrill Reels, Goldman Glitters [DealBook/NYT]