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    Lehman Lawyers Ask For Another $90 MillionMore legal trouble for ex-CEO Dick Fuld and friends?
  2. the gorilla
    Richard Fuld, Victim“Lehman’s demise was caused by uncontrollable market forces and the incorrect perception and accompanying rumors that Lehman did not have sufficient capital to support its investments.”
  3. the gorilla
    Bro-Hugging Richard FuldA Lehman employee describes the experience of being held in the warm arms of the Gorilla.
  4. the gorilla
    Bankrupt Lehman Brothers Paid $500K to Prepare Dick Fuld for CongressThat’s money well spent.
  5. the gorilla
    Richard Fuld: Lehman Brothers Was ‘Risk Averse’The Gorilla remains defiant.
  6. the gorilla
    Report: Richard Fuld Practically Wet Himself During Lehman InquiryHe often appeared “hyper” and “highly agitated” during questioning.
  7. Former Lehman Executives ‘Giggle’ at ‘Nonprofessionals’ Who Think Losing Billions of Dollars Is a Big DealIt’s sad, really, that people think it’s such a big deal.
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    Former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld Has a Passion for FashionHe’s basically Anna Wintour without the bob.
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    Richard Fuld, Lost in the MatrixThe former Lehman Brothers CEO picked an all-too-common name for his new firm.
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    Richard Fuld Falls On Hard Times?The former Lehman Brothers CEO is late on his property-tax payments.
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    Sometimes, There Were Tears Behind Dick Fuld’s ‘Famous Death Stares’The Lehman CEO did not like his nickname.
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    What It Feels Like to Hug Richard FuldThe former Lehman Brothers CEO is “very fit” yet “soft,” the reporter who hugged him tells us.
  13. the fuldinator
    You Want a Piece of Richard Fuld? ‘Line Up’“I can handle it,” says the Gorilla.
  14. the gorilla
    Richard Fuld Has Never Been Bewildered a Day in His LifeFurious, emotional, passionate, vociferous? Yes. But never bewildered.
  15. the gorilla
    Richard Fuld Resigns As Lehman Brothers ChairmanWe know – we totally forgot he still had that job, too.