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The Homeless

  1. neighborhood news
    Queens Residents Encourage Their Kids to Shame Homeless PeopleThere are better ways to protest.
  2. bill de blasio’s new york
    Number of Families in Shelters Rose in January53,615 people stayed overnight in city facilities.
  3. nice things
    NYPD Officer Caught Doing a Kind ThingHe gave a homeless man his sweatshirt.
  4. The Strand Bookstore Uses Sprinklers to Disperse Homeless PeopleAt least it’s not freezing out at night or anything. 
  5. bad apple
    World’s Worst Person Hires Homeless for iPhonesDefining a new low for civilization.
  6. burn it all down and let’s start over
    Tech Entrepreneur Offers Coding Lessons to Homeless Guy, Solves PovertyWho knew it was that easy?
  7. sad things
    More Homeless People Went Underground This Winter The number of people sleeping on the subways rose by 13 percent.
  8. the third terminator
    It’s Way Too Cold to Debate Stricter Homeless Shelter RulesBut that’s what happened in court Tuesday.
  9. neighborhood news
    NYC Wanted ‘Real People Types’ to Act Homeless in PSAAlso, “ethnically ambiguous.”
  10. the third terminator
    NYC Wants Single Adults Out of Homeless SheltersCity Council is fighting Bloomberg on a new proposal.
  11. early and awful
    Republican Operative’s Midterm Strategy: Recruit the Homeless to Run in ArizonaThe GOP recruits the down-on-their-luck to run on the Green Party ballot.