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The Jerk Store

  1. royal robots
    Britain’s Prince Philip: Still a Jerk, After 90 Years“Do you still throw spears at each other?”
  2. the jerk store
    Kathleen Parker to Daily Intel: ‘Get Over It’Oh no you DIDN’T.
  3. the jerk store
    Jon Stewart and His Jewish Media Pals Aren’t Fooling Rick SanchezRick Sanchez knows who REALLY runs the media.
  4. the jerk store
    This Is a Thoughtless Thing That Kathleen Parker, New Resident of New York City, Wrote Today“City dwellers will never understand the folks who prefer the company of trees, and country folk will always resent the imperious presumptions of urbanites who think they know best.”
  5. the jerk store
    Osama bin Laden Unimpressed by Efforts to Give Al Qaeda Terrorists Civilian TrialsGod, nothing makes that guy happy.
  6. the jerk store
    Just When You Thought the Edwards Family Story Line Couldn’t Get Any Uglier …… Out come the allegations of domestic abuse.
  7. the jerk store
    John Edwards Is in HaitiThank God.