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The Jews

  1. early and awkward
    Missouri Mayor Dan Clevenger ResignsA disturbing peek at the anxieties of small-town America.
  2. anti-semitism
    Flyers Demanding Jews ‘Register’ in Ukraine FakeThey’re not official, but they are horrifying.
  3. the worst people in the world
    Zyklon B Jokes at Work Are Frowned Upon, ApparentlyMan wins $900,00 lawsuit. 
  4. terrible things
    Jewish Wedding Video Filled With Anti-Semitic, Pro-Hitler Director’s Commentary“I don’t think I blame Hitler.”
  5. iran so far away
    President of Iran Acknowledges Holocaust, Not Sure How Bad It WasGetting warmer. 
  6. party chat
    Stoudemire’s Favorite Jewish Holiday Is PassoverStoudemire says he is “close” to becoming an Israeli citizen. 
  7. If Yom Kippur Were the Hunger GamesA funny video!
  8. the racie for gracie
    Mayoral Hopefuls on Blood-Sucking CircumcisionsThe ritual known as ‘metzitzah b’peh.’
  9. the jews
    Bloomberg Beats Dunham on Influential Jews ListWho else made the cut?
  10. school daze
    Albany High School Teacher Suspended for Asking Students to Think Like Nazis“We thought it would make more sense if we were Jews arguing against Nazis.”
  11. school daze
    Writing Assignment at Albany High School: Explain Why ‘Jews Are Evil’This was maybe not the best idea. 
  12. the jews
    The New York Times on the 2013 Mayoral Race: ‘Where Are the Jews?’Perhaps they found a nice girl to marry.
  13. media
    Murdoch Criticizes ‘Jewish Owned Press’ [Update]Helpful.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Big-Shot Rabbi Might Have Been Robbed of Millions by Sleazy PR Guy and PalThis story includes both missing money and Wikipedia tampering.
  15. Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism Was Using an Altered Nazi ImageNow there’s a Twitter fight about it!
  16. religion
    Brooklyn Rabbi Can Join U.S. Army With BeardHe received a waiver after filing a federal lawsuit.
  17. photo op
    Hillary Clinton’s Allergy Coughs Are Too Sexy for Some PeopleA Hasidic newspaper erased her from the iconic situation room photo.