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The Late Show

  1. Colbert: Jeb’s Forced Confidence Is a Little SadThe Late Show host imagines a State of the Union as a blustering apology.
  2. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor de Blasio Won’t Let L.A. Just Take The Late Show He made a phone call and everything.
  3. Video: Bill O’Reilly and David Letterman Bond Over the Failure of the Iraq WarWell, that’s one good thing to come out of it.
  4. video
    Joe Biden Doesn’t Believe in Meeting CuteWife Jill told David Letterman about the couple’s early days.
  5. threats
    David Letterman Takes on Internet Jihadist With JokesBack from vacation, Dave had endless lines for his would-be terrorists.
  6. threats
    Internet Jihadist Threatens David Letterman“We ask Allah to paralyze his tongue and grant the sincere monotheists his neck.”
  7. early and awesome
    Kenneth the Page Practices His SNL Bobby Jindal Routine for Jimmy FallonLuckily, we could watch this routine over and over.