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  1. the left
    Is Widespread Economic Discontent Good for the Left?Just because voters dislike the Biden economy doesn’t mean they’re eager for radical change.
  2. israel-hamas war
    A Left That Refuses to Condemn Mass Murder Is DoomedTo advocate effectively on behalf of Palestinians, progressives must not forfeit their moral authority.
  3. criminal justice reform
    Prisons and Policing Need to Be Radically Reformed, Not AbolishedInstitutions of law enforcement and criminal detention are necessary. But they shouldn’t look anything like the ones we have now.
  4. the left
    Corporate Greed Is Not Our Only ProblemProgressives don’t need to choose between fighting corruption and accomplishing their goals.
  5. the left
    The 28 Types of ProgressivesOr why it’s important not to conflate questions of value with questions of fact.
  6. the left
    The Case Against Supply-Side Liberalism Is WeakCritics of the ideology have grossly misrepresented what its proponents actually claim.
  7. the left
    The ‘AOC Left’ Has Achieved PlentyThere is nothing progressive about denying progress.
  8. the left
    AOC Is Just a Regular Old Democrat NowHow the most promising leftist of her generation lost her political identity.
  9. the left
    Will There Be Bananas Under Socialism?The most important question facing the American left today.
  10. the left
    The Case for Cornel West 2024 Is Extremely WeakHelping Donald Trump win the presidency is not a good way of advancing progressive political goals.
  11. the left
    Do the ‘Woke’ Betray the Left’s True Principles?A new book makes that case.
  12. housing policy
    New ‘Luxury’ Apartments Are Good, ActuallyBut resolving the housing crisis will require the government to become a housing developer.
  13. big tech
    The Silicon Valley LoopHow the dot-com crash created Palo Alto’s clueless investor class.
  14. foreign interests
    Israel’s Illiberal Rightward Turn Is a WarningNetanyahu is back, leading an extreme-right government that leaves both Israel and America’s left in an impossible bind.
  15. the left
    Why Capitalism Needs Sick PeopleThe grim reality of the health-care industry has prompted a radical rethinking of how to change it.
  16. the money game
    The Rise of Influencer CapitalHow social media, celebrity promoters, and banks looking for a quick buck transformed the markets.
  17. the left
    Are We Living Under ‘Technofeudalism’?A group of Big Data’s critics claims we’re seeing a return to feudal rule.
  18. the left
    Why Can’t the Left Take the W?The perils of failing to claim Joe Biden’s victories as your own.
  19. the left
    The War on CashCash payments are on the wane, and that’s probably a bad thing.
  20. the left
    Unlearning the Language of ‘Wokeness’Solidarity requires a warm and friendly offer to collude in a risky proposition.
  21. the left
    Back to ClassA Marxist scholar confronts the unfulfilled promise of collective action.
  22. the resistance
    The Democratic Party Is Wasting Its Grassroots EnergyThe conservative movement is on the march to power. What happened to movements on the left?
  23. foreign interests
    The Left Has Half-Baked Answers on UkraineSome American leftists continue to prioritize ideological comfort over critical thought.
  24. the left
    Russia’s Invasion Tests the American LeftWhat’s so hard about condemning Vladimir Putin?
  25. criminal justice
    Progressives Don’t Need to Downplay Rising HomicidesVictims of community violence deserve the left’s solidarity and policy solutions.
  26. 2021 mayoral race
    AOC and Elizabeth Warren Back Maya Wiley in New York City Mayoral RaceHow much of an impact the big endorsements could have for Wiley, who has struggled to consolidate support from the city’s left, remains to be seen.
  27. the left
    The Left’s Most Naïve Cynics Have Turned on AOCLeft-wing media personalities are calling on House progressives to force a floor vote on Medicare for All — or reveal themselves to be frauds.
  28. authoritarianism
    Liberal Hyperbole About Trump’s Authoritarianism Was Never the ProblemThe stakes of semantic debates over Trump’s alleged “fascism” and “coup” are much lower than liberals or left-contrarians care to admit.
  29. vision 2020
    The Flaw in Trump’s Plan to Paint Biden As Kamala Harris’s PuppetEven as he casts Biden as a tool of left-wing extremists, Trump compulsively portrays himself as a tool of right-wing ones.
  30. the left
    What Cori Bush Means to the LeftHer upset win over a political dynasty demonstrates the left’s staying power.
  31. democratic primaries
    It Looks Like the Left Had a Very Good Primary Night in New YorkEliot Engel turned out to be the new Joe Crowley after all.
  32. the left
    Why Americans Don’t Vote Their Class AnymoreDeclining unions — and rising educational attainment — have left college-educated whites more left wing than non-college-educated ones.
  33. vision 2020
    Why Biden’s Win May Just Be a Brief Setback for the Millennial LeftNobody really thinks Joe Biden represents the wave of the Democratic future. That’s an opportunity for those in the party who are truly looking ahead.
  34. vision 2020
    What’s So Hard to Understand About the Young Left?Young leftists don’t think they own the future. They fear losing it.
  35. democrats
    New York Just Proved That a Better Democratic Party Is PossibleDevelopers used to call the shots in Albany. This year, progressives did.
  36. the democrats
    It’s Time for Democratic Centrists Like Me to Help, Not Fight, The LeftThose who ran the Democratic Party under the Clintons and Obama need to acknowledge it’s the left’s turn to lead.
  37. politics
    When Did Everyone Become a Socialist?It’s AOC’s calling card, Trump’s latest rhetorical bludgeon, and a new way to date in Brooklyn.
  38. the left
    Immigration Creates Problems for the Left. Tight Borders Can’t Be the Solution.Mass immigration poses genuine challenges for progressive politics. But restrictionism is incompatible with a just response to the climate crisis.
  39. conservatism
    Republicans: Protesters Are an Unruly Mob — Unless They Have Guns and Support UsThe GOP’s attacks on anti-Kavanaugh protesters are rooted in (authoritarian) principle: Only conservatives can legitimately exercise dissent.
  40. medicare for all
    New Poll Finds Majority of GOP Voters Support Medicare for AllIt isn’t politically risky for Democrats to campaign on Medicare for All. But actually implementing it will be a different story.
  41. democrats
    What Is a ‘Centrist’ Democrat, Anyway?Left-of-center folk need a good, thorough debate to resolve confusion over the old labels, or maybe a new vocabulary altogether.
  42. Can Leftism Win in the Midwest? Abdul El-Sayed’s Campaign May Give Us an Answer.The Michigan gubernatorial candidate is radical, uncompromising, and policy-minded. If he pulls off an upset, he may change the Democratic Party.
  43. The Radical Left’s Agenda Is More Popular Than the Mainstream GOP’sNew polls show that voters support a job guarantee, baby bonds, a public option for the internet, and government production of generic drugs.
  44. Democrats Must Be More Ruthless — When They Actually Have PowerAbolishing the filibuster in 2009 would have saved the Dreamers. Shutting down the government in 2018 could save the GOP’s Senate majority.
  45. Germany Shuts Down a Left-Wing ‘Extremist’ Website for First TimeGermany’s decision to shut down a social network for anti-capitalists may bear a warning to the American left.
  46. How Far Will the Right Go in Blaming the Left for the Alexandria Shootings?Some commentators are taking the argument to some disturbing lengths.
  47. Obamacare Was a Political SuccessIt hurt the Democrats in the short run. But new polling confirms that the ACA gave the left a permanent advantage in the health-care debate.
  48. Why the Alt-Center Is a Problem, TooCentrist liberals who grossly misrepresent the views of their left-wing critics are sowing unnecessary divisions in the anti-Trump movement.
  49. uk politics
    Jeremy Corbyn and the British Left’s RebellionWhat will the socialist candidate’s stunning win mean for U.K. politics, and how are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders just like him?
  50. The Summer of 2014 and the Return of the Politics of RacismA shift in the attention of the American left, away from economic inequality.
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