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  1. politics
    Report: Leak of Bezos Texts by Mistress’s Brother Was Politically MotivatedQuestions remain, but it appears that Michael Sanchez, a Trump supporter who knows Roger Stone, was the National Enquirer’s source.
  2. public opinion
    Voters Aren’t Moving Left on Taxes. Democrats Are Moving Toward Voters.Americans have always been eager to soak the rich. But public opinion doesn’t drive policy change in the U.S. — parties do.
  3. government shutdown
    The ‘Both Sides’ Brigade Is Encouraging Trump to Take More HostagesBlaming both sides for the government shutdown does not make reporters “objective”; it makes them complicit in the president’s misrule.
  4. the media
    Ocasio-Cortez Has Turned Corporate Media Into an Agent of Socialist ChangeThrough the sheer power of her Twitter “dunks,” the congresswoman has forced eyeball-chasing outlets to become soapboxes for socialist ideas.
  5. the media
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Critique of Fact-Checking Is ValidThe congresswoman downplays facts that are inconvenient to her ideology. So do her fact-checkers.
  6. alexandria ocasio-cortez
    Ocasio-Cortez’s 70 Percent Top Tax Rate Is a Moderate, Evidence-Based PolicyEconomic research and opinion polling suggest there’s nothing “extreme” about taxing incomes over $10 million at pre-Reagan rates.
  7. the media
    Advertisers Dump Tucker Carlson After He Said Immigrants Make U.S. ‘Dirtier’Among those no longer advertising on his show are NerdWallet and the company that makes BowFlex.
  8. the media
    The GOP Is Making Its Contempt for Democracy Clear. Will the Mainstream Media?Republicans are no longer bothering to disguise their anti-democratic worldview. Will the “liberal” media keep disguising it for them?
  9. the top line
    HBO Is Off Dish Network, for Now. Was Trump Right About the AT&T Merger?The Department of Justice argued the deal might hurt consumers. Now HBO is — for the moment anyway — off Dish Network.
  10. the media
    What Jon Stewart Gets Wrong About Trump and the MediaThe relationship between the Fourth Estate and a president who wants truth to have no relevance in our civic life should resemble a “fight.”
  11. ‘You’re the Enemy of the People’: Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill ReportersRobert Chain referred to Boston Globe employees as “the enemy of the people.”
  12. the media
    Hundreds of Newspapers Denounce Trump’s Press Attacks, Just What He WantsEditorial pages took issue Thursday with Trump’s treatment of the press. He shot back with a tweet calling them the “opposition party.”
  13. Trump Reportedly Threw a Tantrum After Seeing an Air Force One TV Tuned to CNNMelania Trump’s spokeswoman said the First Lady watches “any channel she wants,” despite her husband’s Fox News–only rule.
  14. Sinclair to Challenge Fox News for Right-Wing Cable DominanceThe company that owns so many local stations across the country is reportedly planning a cable news and opinion block to compete with Fox.
  15. the media
    Joy Reid’s Missed OpportunityHer apology for having once held homophobic views was both incomplete and instructive.
  16. Comcast’s $31 Billion Bid for Sky Could Crush Rupert Murdoch’s DreamsThe media mogul was already dealing with skeptical regulators and now a competing offer dwarfs his own.
  17. Devin Nunes Has His Own Conservative Content FarmAnd the memo-hawking GOP congressman is calling it his “online magazine.”
  18. No, the Media Has Not Been Unfair to the GOP Tax BillNobody forced Republicans to write a tax bill that gives a giant, permanent cut to corporations — and a small, temporary one to the middle class.
  19. A.G. Sulzberger Will Follow His Father As Publisher of the New York TimesKeeping it in the family.
  20. Trump Thinks People Should Be Fired for Misrepresenting the Truth on TwitterThe president’s response to a Washington Post journalist’s mistaken tweet sets a new standard for hypocrisy.
  21. Jemele Hill and the Perils of a for-Profit Fourth EstateESPN’s suspension of Hill is a reminder that for-profit news outlets can’t be trusted to put the public interest above their bottom line.
  22. Can Journalists Really Prevent Copycat Mass Shooters?Given how hungry people are for solid information about horrific acts, it’s difficult to come up with practical solutions.
  23. Spicer to Reporter: Don’t Text Me or I’ll Call the CopsThe former White House press secretary is as combative as ever.
  24. You May Soon See a Lot More of Chris Christie on TVThe outgoing New Jersey governor is reportedly in talks with both CNN and MSNBC.
  25. CNN Fires Chief Trump Supporter Jeffrey Lord After ‘Sieg Heil’ Tweet“Nazi salutes are indefensible.”
  26. Vice Holds Field Day in Brooklyn As Dozens of Employees Are Laid OffLike so many other media entities, Vice is making a stronger push into video.
  27. The National Enquirer Floats a New Theory: Hillary Framed Don Jr.The supermarket tabloid, run by a personal friend of Trump’s, isn’t the only media outlet turning its attention to the former secretary of State.
  28. politics
    Trump Shares Video of Himself Beating Up CNNThe president of the United States is spending his Fourth of July weekend fantasizing about physically attacking the media.
  29. BuzzFeed Has BedbugsEmployees were told not to report to the 18th Street headquarters Thursday.
  30. CNN Drops Reza Aslan After He Called Trump a ‘Piece of Sh*t’The network said it will not be moving forward with the second season of Aslan’s show Believer.
  31. impossible dreams
    Reince Priebus Says White House Has ‘Looked at’ Changing Libel LawsThe Trump administration can look all it wants — there is next to no chance it will ever be able to open up U.S. libel laws.
  32. ESPN Axes Around 100 Employees, On-air Talent IncludedThe worldwide leader is cutting jobs as it loses subscribers and pays more for broadcasting rights.
  33. Trump Goes After the Times for Its Attempt to Mock Him Over Patriots Crowd SizeWe’re going to be comparing crowd sizes for the next four years, aren’t we?
  34. staying home
    Trump Will Not Attend White House Correspondents’ DinnerRonald Reagan was the last president to skip the event, but that was because he was recovering from an assassination attempt.
  35. Cringe Your Way Through This Breitbart News Interview With Sean SpicerThe White House press secretary sat down with the right-wing outlet and the video is a sight to behold.
  36. Poll: Trump More Widely Trusted Than News MediaNine in ten Republicans say the president is “truthful.”
  37. The White House Has Cut Off CNNTrump hasn’t put an official spokesperson on the network in weeks.
  38. Bannon Calls Press the ‘Opposition Party,’ Which Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist declares war on the press.
  39. Study: Claim That Fake News Swung Election Is FakeFew Americans read “fake news,” and even fewer bought it.
  40. CNN’S Jeff Zucker on Covering Donald Trump — Past, Present, and Future“It’s true I put him on …The Apprentice in 2004. I’ve never run away from that. But in no way do I think that’s why he’s the president.”
  41. trump transition
    Trump May Kick the White House Press Corps Out of the White HouseOne official says it’s because the press is now “the opposition party” while others say it’s just about moving to a bigger space.
  42. RT Briefly Took Over C-Span’s Online Feed This AfternoonC-Span says it was most likely the result of an “internal routing issue.”
  43. Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Who Is ‘Feeling the Heat’The incoming White House counselor went on CNN to continue disparaging it as “fake news.” The host did not like that.
  44. At His First News Conference As President-elect, Trump Owns the PressA disaster for America, but a resounding win for Donald Trump.
  45. Many in Media Shout ‘Fail’ at BuzzFeed for Publishing Unverified Trump DossierThe justification from editor Ben Smith did not fly with many of his peers.
  46. Jared Kushner Is Reportedly Trying to Sell the ObserverDonald Trump’s son-in-law is said to be focusing on his newfound career in politics.
  47. Roger Ailes Is Dumping His Treasured Upstate NewspaperHe turned the Putnam County News and Recorder into a mini–Fox News. Now he’s handing it over to the editor.
  48. Breitbart News Has Gone to War With Kellogg’sThe cereal-maker has stopped advertising on Breitbart. Now the right-wing site is calling for a boycott.
  49. Trump’s Meeting With New York Times Touches on Bannon, Climate, HillaryThe president-elect defended his adviser from accusation of racism and said he does not want to “hurt” Clinton.
  50. early and often
    Trump Meets With News Executives and Anchors So He Can Berate Them in PersonMedia sources described the summit as a “firing squad,” but Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway claimed the mood was “cordial.”
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