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The Mercer Family

  1. Robert Mercer Quits Hedge Fund, Sells Breitbart StakeRobert Mercer’s personal politics were beginning to draw unwanted attention to his hedge fund.
  2. Inequality Is a Bigger Threat to Our Democracy Than Putin IsThe biggest problem with Trump’s tax cuts is that increasing the wealth of the rich is a recipe for oligarchy.
  3. Is Trump Leading Congressional Republicans to Slaughter?As Bannon prepares his war against McConnell, Trump is forcing Congress to vote on issues that drive a wedge between the far right and everyone else.
  4. Top Trump Donor Wants to Take Out GOP’s Second-Most Vulnerable SenatorBillionaire Robert Mercer has already ponied up $300,000 to evict Jeff Flake from the Senate for sullying Donald Trump’s good name.
  5. Big-Money Donors Mobilize to Save Trump’s PresidencyMeanwhile, small-dollar donors are delivering record-breaking sums of money to anti-Trump Democrats.