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  1. military industrial complex
    Understanding the UFO WarWhy the United States Air Force is suddenly blasting away at unidentified objects.
  2. How We Can Get Partisan Politics Out of FootballMake support for African-Americans’ civic equality a nonpartisan issue.
  3. The $6 Trillion Issue You Won’t Be Hearing About at Tonight’s DebateRadical change is needed at the Pentagon — but no one is talking about it.
  4. the military
    The Drama of the Drone PapersA story about civilian casualties is also a story about the bureaucracy of secrecy. Which one will have more impact?
  5. prisoner of war
    Bowe Bergdahl Moved to Outpatient TreatmentA week and a half after returning to the United States. 
  6. the war in afghanistan
    Friendly Fire Airstrike Kills 5 U.S. Soldiers in AfghanistanA bomber accidentally hit them after they called for air support.
  7. the military
    Fellow Soldiers Criticize Bergdahl They say his actions led to the deaths of his fellow troops.
  8. international intrigue
    Not Everyone Is Happy With the Release of American POW Bowe BergdahlSome members of the GOP worry that the Obama administration negotiated with terrorists.
  9. equal rites
    Hagel Is ‘Open’ to Reviewing Transgender BanThey’re currently banned from serving.
  10. the military
    More Military Sexual Assaults Were Reported This Year Than Ever BeforeWhy that’s a good thing.
  11. scandals
    Number Two Nuclear Weapons Commander Suspended Over GamblingNobody wants to take any chances here.
  12. Shots Fired at Navy Yard Headquarters in Washington [Updated]Twelve dead, several injured.
  13. women at war
    Women Will Soon Be Allowed to Serve in Military CombatLeon Panetta makes one last huge move.
  14. sad things
    As Active-Duty Suicides Spike, Army Develops an Anti-Suicide Nasal SprayActive ingredient: thyrotropin-releasing hormone.
  15. religion
    Americans Apologize for Burning Korans in AfghanistanProtesters were not pleased in the slightest.
  16. blackwater
    Blackwater Is Re-Branding AgainThe private military company will now be called Academi.
  17. borne fruits
    General Petraeus Hands Off Power to General Allen“I think, generally, it has borne fruit.”
  18. exit strategies
    Withdrawal From Afghanistan to Begin With 800 National Guard Troops This SummerAs many as 8,400 troops will have to withdraw in the last few months of 2011 in order to stick to the plan.
  19. the military
    General Martin E. Dempsey Expected to Lead Joint Chiefs of StaffThe move would make Dempsey the military’s highest-ranking officer.