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    That Raise Jamie Dimon Gave to JPMorgan’s Lowest-Paid Employees? It’s PunyA $1.85-per-hour raise spread out over three years from a man who took home $27 million last year.
  2. How Europe Can Alleviate Its Migrant Crisis — and Save ItselfThe continent’s economy is growing slowly, and thousands are still landing on its shores — or dying in the attempt.
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    The Anti-Poverty Experiment That Could Fix America’s Broken Welfare SystemAdvocates on both the left and the right are talking about universal basic income — and its first big test is just about to begin. 
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    Who’s Winning the Great Bernie Magic-Math Battle?Bernie Sanders’s economic plan won’t deliver 5 percent growth, but his proposal might have a lesson to teach Hillary.
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    Bernie Sanders Has Started Thinking Like a RepublicanWhy shouldn’t Democrats get to have fun with magical economic growth?
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    How Valeant Went From Wall St. Darling to PariahInside the biggest and most bizarre business scandal of the past year.
  7. Thomas Piketty Thinks Inequality Led to the Rise of ISIS. Is That Crazy?The French academic draws from his best seller Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
  8. The Fed and a Tale of Two EconomiesMain Street is smiling. Wall Street is frowning. And Janet Yellen is waiting.
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    Instacart and the On-Demand Middle ClassThe company is ditching the 1099 trend and hiring part-time employees. My failure as a personal shopper shows why that could be a good business move.
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    Can Lyft Pull an Avis?The ride-sharing service used to be recognized as the anti-Uber. Now the boundaries aren’t so clear.
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    At Lunch With the Author Who Introduced the Upper East Side ‘Wife Bonus’Are Park Avenue wives really like Bonobos?
  12. 1099 economy
    Meet the Lawyer Fighting Uber’s Business ModelThe ride-sharing service has a contract-worker problem, and lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan is determined to change that. If she succeeds, the app economy is going to look very different.
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    Will the New Concierge Economy Mean the End of the Errand?Maybe outsourcing errands to an app will prove as liberating as a washing machine.
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    The Man Who Wants You to Spend Like You’re PoorA guru for the current era of Aspirational Puritanism.