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The N Word

  1. the n-word
    Unless It’s the N-Word, It’s Probably Not ‘Like the N-Word’Chris Cuomo apologized for equating the term ‘Fredo’ with black people being called the ‘N-word.’ But he was echoing a broader trend.
  2. department of linguistics
    Understanding the Wilmore ‘Nigga’ ConversationIt challenged a lot of strongly held notions about respectability.
  3. bad behavior
    The NFL Might Ban the Use of the N-Word on the FieldA diversity alliance proposes a fifteen-yard penalty for the slur.
  4. the post-racial world
    Black Boss Not Allowed to Call Black Employee the N-Word, Jury SaysThe jury has spoken. 
  5. cable news news
    CNN Is Seriously Wondering Whether ‘Cracker’ Is Worse Than the N-WordThis happened!
  6. the post-racial world
    Accused Racists Are Still Using the ‘Black Friend’ Defense, at Least in KansasThis became a joke like 30 years ago, no?
  7. the n-word
    Rick Perry’s N-WordheadGate Reminded Everyone About Racism in TexasBut the presidential candidate has a black friend.
  8. the n-word
    Rick Perry’s Family Hunting Camp Has the N-Word in Its Name [Updated]Apparently still visible near gate, under coat of paint.