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The One Percent

  1. coronavirus
    The City’s One-Percenters Flee the Rest of Us to the Hamptons“It’s like the Fourth of July in March.”
  2. the one percent
    Americans Really Want to Raise Taxes on the RichBut will the rich themselves get in the way?
  3. inequality
    The Rich Haven’t Become Too Immoral. They’ve Become Too Rich.Moral decline didn’t make capitalism more predatory. Policies that weakened unions and enriched capitalists did.
  4. wealth inequality
    The Times’ Trump Exposé Is a Compelling Case for Class WarTrump built his fortune on tax evasion and inherited wealth. So did much of the one percent. Democrats should rail against these lawless moochers.
  5. A New Study Shows How Severe Inequality Is — and How Little We’re Doing About ItThe average income for the bottom 50 percent is the same as in 1980 — while the average income for the top one percent has more than tripled.
  6. Trump’s Treasury Pick Says His Tax Cut Won’t Benefit the ‘Upper Class’Last month, the Tax Policy Center found that Trump’s plan would give the top 0.1 percent an average tax break of 14 percent.
  7. Clinton Unveils Plan to Soak Rich, Stymie SandersOn opposite day in the Democratic primary, Clinton calls for a tax hike on the one percent, while Sanders touts his electability.
  8. flying dogs
    JFK Will Open Luxury Pet Terminal in 2016Don’t forget the suites with flat-screen TVs!
  9. the one percent
    Martha Stewart Loves Her DronesSeriously, like so, so much. 
  10. the one percent
    Someone Is Mansion-Shaming the Elite Silicon Valley Town of AthertonWith some rather pointed graffiti.
  11. rich people problems
    Hideous Roof Deck Threatens Billionaire’s Penthouse TerraceJust like us, the one percent likes a roof view.
  12. lunch with warren
    People Are Still Paying Sickening Amounts of Money to Lunch With Warren BuffettAn anonymous bidder shelled out $3,456,789.
  13. politics
    The One Percent Is Not Necessarily More ConservativeA new Gallup poll says the richest Americans are more moderate than the 99 percent.
  14. the one percent
    A Bunch of Fancy Sports Cars Ran Into One AnotherIt could be the most expensive car crash in history.
  15. business
    Bank of America Hired Malcolm Gladwell to Woo Small Business OwnersHe gave three speeches and was probably paid handsomely.
  16. wall street
    Bank of New York Mellon May Dodge $2 Billion in LawsuitsTake that, Massachusetts.
  17. the unneediest cases
    The Poor RichGo ahead, laugh. Your derision is just one of many things poor not-poor people have to bear.