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    Nobody Knows Why Elon Musk Has Been Hiring Staffers From the OnionThe SpaceX and Tesla founder apparently wants to get into comedy.
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    Sean Spicer Retweets the Onion Saying He Gives ‘Misinformation’: ‘Nailed It’Unclear if Spicer realized the video from satirical news website the Onion was mocking him.
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    The Onion Is Launching a BuzzFeed ParodyClickhole.com is coming in June.
  4. The Onion Examines the Controversy Over ‘Stop and Kiss’Here is a funny video. 
  5. ink-stained wretches
    The Onion Is Just Another Blog NowThe satirical weekly is ending its remaining print editions.
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    The Onion’s Latest Redskins Item Really Goes ThereThe paper calls owner Dan Snyder a “kike.”
  7. dear leader
    China Celebrates Kim Jong-un’s Sexiest Man Alive Honor (From The Onion)Who’s laughing at whom here?
  8. iran so far away
    Iranian Media Apology for Report on Onion PollSolid defense.
  9. hilarious errors
    Iranian News Agency Mistakes Onion’s Ahmadinejad Prank for Real NewsIran’s offensive leader is not, in fact, more popular than Obama among rural whites.
  10. ink-stained wretches
    Writers at The Onion Refusing to Leave New York for ChicagoOnly five full-time editorial staffers have agreed to make the move with the company.
  11. oopsies
    Congressman Alerts Facebook Followers to Onion Story About $8 Billion Abortionplex Because sometimes fantasy is just too irresistible.
  12. the onion
    The Onion Is Fake-Tweeting a Capitol Hill Hostage SituationNot everyone is amused.
  13. joetorious
    Joe Biden Really Just Has a Couple Minor Quibbles With the Onion’s Portrayal of HimHe doesn’t just wash cars, he simonizes them. Whatever that means.
  14. funny things
    ‘Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition’Well played, ‘Onion.’
  15. prizes
    Onion Launches Pulitzer Prize BidIt’s time.
  16. joetorious
    ‘Let Me Get This Straight: You Want to Interview the Vice President About Stories About Him in The Onion?’Joe Biden’s spokesman is not amused by ‘The Onion’ or the ‘Times.’
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    The Onion Reminds Us of Everything Terrible About New YorkMaybe it really is a horrible place to live …