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The Pandemic

  1. child care
    A Child-care Crisis Is LoomingIf the pandemic-era welfare state is allowed to vanish, lawmakers will have abandoned families.
  2. the pandemic
    The Democratic Party’s ‘Mask Off’ MomentVoters are sick of the pandemic and public-health mandates. Democrats can’t stop the former, so they’re ending the latter.
  3. education
    School DazeThe pandemic has burdened teachers like never before, and many don’t know how much longer they can take it.
  4. omicron
    The City’s Teachers Confess They Want to Go RemoteBattered by Omicron, many feel hung out to dry by the city and even their own union.
  5. the pandemic
    CareCube Is Accused of Running a COVID-Testing ScamGetting swabbed is usually free, but a prominent business is accused of lying to make customers pay.
  6. omicron
    The Silent WaveInside the city’s hospitals fighting COVID, scores of doctors and nurses are suddenly out sick thanks to Omicron.
  7. the pandemic
    The Infuriating Wait for the Youngest-Kids VaccinePfizer’s shot for children under 5 was expected soon. What happened?
  8. omicron
    How Omicron Pushed Cornell Into Red AlertA big COVID outbreak, driven by the new variant, has shut down the Ivy League campus and could be a sign of what’s to come.