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The Passage Of Things

  1. ghosts in six-inch heels
    Former Madam Kristin Davis Wants to Be Your GovernorDavid Paterson should be very afraid.
  2. ghosts in six-inch heels
    Eliot Spitzer May Face Fierce Competition for ComptrollerAnd by fierce, we mean check out girlfriend’s DRESS.
  3. the passage of things
    Madam Kristin Davis on the Anniversary Eve of Spitzer’s DownfallWe talked to the woman who peddled flesh to the ex-governor before he signed up with the prostitution ring that brought him down.
  4. Last Hooker in New York Pleads GuiltyRemember when Eliot Spitzer boned a hooker, and for a while in the news it was all, hookers, hookers, hookers? Yeah, those were the days.