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  1. congress
    Congress Learns Pentagon Wasted $1 Trillion, Promptly Gives It Bigger BudgetHours after learning that the Pentagon lied to taxpayers while wasting their money in Afghanistan, Congress awards the DoD a $22 billion budget hike.
  2. the military industrial complex
    Here’s More Evidence the War in Afghanistan Was a $2 Trillion Mistake“If the American people knew the magnitude of this dysfunction … 2,400 lives lost,” wrote a top U.S. general. “Who will say this was in vain?”
  3. early and often
    The Pentagon Reportedly Wasted $125 Billion, Then Hid the EvidenceAn internally commissioned report found that the Defense Department could save billions without layoffs, but the Pentagon opted not to alert Congress.
  4. The $6 Trillion Issue You Won’t Be Hearing About at Tonight’s DebateRadical change is needed at the Pentagon — but no one is talking about it.
  5. the military
    The Drama of the Drone PapersA story about civilian casualties is also a story about the bureaucracy of secrecy. Which one will have more impact?
  6. comings and goings
    Chuck Hagel Isn’t Going to Be Defense Secretary Anymore But he wasn’t fired, technically.
  7. osama bin killed
    Navy SEAL Author Chats With CBS As Pentagon Considers Legal Options“We do NOT advertise the nature of our work, NOR do we seek recognition for our actions.”
  8. media
    Journalists Smeared Online While Investigating Pentagon Propaganda [Updated]The government says it wasn’t them.
  9. terrorble
    American Man Arrested in Plot to Bomb D.C.Unfortunately for Rezwan Ferdaus, all his co-conspirators turned out to be FBI agents.