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The Princess Bride

  1. impressions
    Ted Cruz Keeps Adding to His Box of ImpressionsNo more rhymes now, I mean it.
  2. party chat
    Wallace Shawn ‘Fascinated and Shocked’ by Iran’s R.O.U.S Problem“I’m fascinated and shocked.”
  3. the worst form of travel
    Texas Man’s Princess Bride T-Shirt Scared Passengers on 2010 FlightWhy does this keep happening!?!
  4. the worst form of travel
    Plane Passengers Exhibit Inconceivable Lack of Pop-Culture AwarenessAn Inigo Montoya quote raises alarms.
  5. man of steele
    Michael Steele Taking Foreign-Policy Cues From The Princess BrideHe seems to think we should get the hell out of Afghanistan, which almost everyone in his party disagrees with.