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The Rich

  1. Has the Fed Been Making the Wealth Gap Worse? Janet Yellen, friend of the poor, bestie of the rich.
  2. The Recession Turned the Rich Into Stingy JerksDuring the downturn and the recovery, the middle class got more generous and the wealthy less.  
  3. How the 0.00003 Percent LivesYour typical American billionaire is a 63-year-old Wall Street type who went to Penn and owns four houses. 
  4. the rich
    Rich People Find Being Rich Pretty ExhaustingMansions are hard to take care of, okay?
  5. Ex-Hedge-Funder Shares ‘Wealth Addiction’ StorySam Polk wants everyone to stop enabling Wall Street money junkies like him.
  6. Bidding War for Empire State Building Hits $2.1 BillionA “mystery Middle Eastern bidder” makes an offer.
  7. money trouble
    Trinity Church Literally Has More Money Than It Knows What to Do WithA $2 billion portfolio is enough to get people fighting.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    Citigroup Exec Pleads Guilty to Stealing $22 MillionBut he really did need that chauffeur.
  9. inequality
    The Real Income Inequality GapIt’s between the rich and the crazy rich.
  10. the march toward death is more comfortable if you’re wearing tod’s
    Rich People Have a Special Hormone That Helps Them Live LongerLife is nasty, brutish, and short — unless you are wealthy.
  11. the future is coming
    Google Uses the ‘Double Irish’ and the ‘Dutch Sandwich’ to Avoid Billions in TaxesAll the cool tech companies are doing it.
  12. the rich
    Lawsuit Says Robert De Niro Ruined His Ex-Manager’s Standing With Rich PeopleDid you know there is an entire field of work called “domestic estate management”?
  13. early and often
    Obama Remembers He Was Maybe Once a Populist, Opposes Extending Tax Cuts for the RichThe middle class versus the wealthy.
  14. early and awful
    Regarding Tax Breaks for the Rich, Democrats Ask Themselves, ‘What Would Bush Do?’Democrats seek counsel from their WWBD bracelets.
  15. tell us how you really feel about your clients
    Cold-Blooded Creatures Warm Up Homes of Wealthy HumansFish “humanize” homes of the rich, says interior designer.
  16. the rich
    Citigroup to Provide Babysitting Services for Children of MillionairesThis could be good for all of us.
  17. the rich
    Swiss Banking Secrets From the Mouth of the UBS WhistleblowerOn the eve of his three-year prison sentence, Bradley Birkenfeld airs UBS’s dirty laundry.
  18. the rich among us
    New York Has More Rich People Than Any Other City in AmericaNew York has more millionaires than Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. combined.
  19. the downturnaround
    Rich People to Reclaim Their Position Above the Rest of UsIn private aircraft, that is.
  20. olympics
    Jamie Johnson: Extremely Rich New Yorkers Watch the Olympics Completely Differently From Everyone Else“Cosmopolitan elites view the athletes competing at the games as mere entertainers of the moment.”
  21. plutocrats of tomorrow
    JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s Youngest Daughter Is a D.J.(Slash head hazer of her sorority.)
  22. opportunities
    The Daily Show Needs Real-Estate Advice From a Wealthy PersonThey promise not to make you look like a fool.
  23. philistines at the fruit stand
    Rich Kids Eat Watermelon Made of GoldThe rich have access to a whole different world of fruits and vegetables.
  24. grave sacrifices
    The Rich Have Stopped Buying Luxury Products Out of the Goodness of Their HeartsIt just doesn’t feel right to keep acting rich when people are suffering.
  25. the rich hunt
    The Rich Don’t Want to Look Rich AnymoreThey’re trying to blend in.
  26. white men with money
    Peltz Family Help Is Revolting Against ThemThe Bedford couple is facing all manner of allegations from their staff.
  27. the greatest depression
    For John Paulson and Friends, the Gilded Age Hasn’t Ended1999 Chateau Margaux and 1999 Lafite-Rothschild, anyone?
  28. cultural capital
    New York Art Kids Skip Internships, Start Their Own GalleryWho needs to slave in an office when you’ve got your parents’ cash — sorry, creative genes.
  29. numbers game
    Breaking: Rich People Happy About Being RichWhile much of the country falls into the Great Depression of 2008, some individuals remain joyful.
  30. in other news
    Private High Schools’ Secret ShameKids at Dalton and other prep schools have been settling for second-choice schools. Has the system screwed the rich?
  31. in other news
    Even With $5 Million Dollars, Doorman Is Still Too Poor for Manhattan Real-Estate MarketRichie Randazzo’s story might have once warmed our hearts, but now it sends a cold chill through our veins.
  32. in other news
    It’s the Economakis, StupidA wealthy couple wants to convert their East Village apartment building into a single-family home, displacing their rent-stabilized tenants. Is that so wrong?
  33. in other news
    Billionaire Driven Out of Greenwich Because of Size DiscriminationAll Valery Kogan wanted was 26 toilets, eight bedrooms, a gym, a home theater, a wine cellar, a game room, a billiard room, twelve-car parking, and Turkish and Finnish bathing facilities. Is that so wrong?