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The Robot Apocalypse

  1. the robot apocalypse
    The Drone Revolt Has BegunIt was a good run, humans.
  2. the robot apocalypse
    Scientist Confident That Robot Internet Will Not Lead to Destruction of Mankind“I’m afraid you are watching too many movies.”
  3. stand clear of the closing doors
    PATH Train Escalator Switches DirectionsThere is video.
  4. the robot apocalypse
    This Is How the Robots Will Destroy UsBy distracting us with “Gangnam Style” dancing as they take our nuclear weapons.
  5. the robot apocalypse
    Jersey City Trading Robot Goes Rogue, Imperils OwnerSkynet redux.
  6. the robot apocalypse
    Do Not Anger the Cyborg, People!This is a huge mistake. 
  7. the robot apocalypse
    Does Robot Sex Count As Cheating?This is our future.
  8. the robot apocalypse
    Robot Obama Signed Patriot Act Into LawAn autopen saves the day.