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  1. The Most Expensive Facebook Update Ever?Netflix CEO overshares on Facebook, gets in trouble with the SEC.
  2. reguloltors
    The SEC’s Eternal Catch-up GameWhy Wall Street’s top regulator is stuck trying to lead from behind.
  3. reguloltors
    Lawyer’s E-mails Set New High Score in ‘Capture the Regulator’ GameIt’s kind of nauseating.
  4. investing for dummies
    SEC Study Proves That Stock-Picking Should Probably Be Left to the ProfessionalsAnd Jim Cramer.
  5. well then in that case it must be fine
    One More Thing From Wall Street Hero John Kinnucan Re: Expert Networks“It seems to me if the SEC is watching this go on for years, which they presumably have been if they’re doing their job, and they haven’t chosen to stop it, it has been given their implicit blessing.”
  6. the most important people in the world
    Officer Jon From CHiPs Charged With Securities FraudThat’s gotta sting.
  7. You Can’t Just Hand Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle a Bunch of Scribblings and Call It a Day“You expect the court to rubber-stamp, but we can’t.”