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  1. the senate
    Dress Code or Not, the Senate Is a Bunch of Empty SuitsThe Senate is a grotesque institution. Who cares how it dresses?
  2. feminism
    Leave Dianne Feinstein AloneWhat is feminism for if not to protect the right of 89-year-old multimillionaires to keep their jobs at the public’s expense?
  3. trains
    East Palestine Deserves New Rail-Safety Reforms NowMore stringent regulation is justified no matter what the investigation into the Norfolk Southern derailment finds.
  4. early and often
    No, Congress Doesn’t Need More ‘Independents’ Like SinemaThe senator’s superficial rebranding does not make Congress more representative of the country.
  5. early and often
    Mark Kelly’s (Likely) Win Is an Indictment of Sinema’s PoliticsTurns out, you don’t need to sabotage your president’s agenda to win swing voters in close states.
  6. the midterms
    For Democrats This Midterm, Winning Isn’t EverythingThe long-term survival of social safety-net programs and blue-state abortion rights may depend on Democrats losing by a little instead of a lot.
  7. infrastructure week
    5 Reasons Biden Got His Bipartisan Infrastructure DealMitch McConnell is poised to hand the president a big win. Here’s why.
  8. the national interest
    Why Should Black Protesters Trust a Senate That Underrepresents Them?Peaceful police reform means taking democratic reform seriously.
  9. capitol hill
    Chuck Schumer Has ChangedWhy is the former “angry centrist” pushing his party to go bigger, bolder, and more progressive?
  10. mitch mcconnell
    McConnell’s Warning of a ‘Scorched-Earth’ Senate Is an Empty ThreatMcConnell warns that Democrats will regret abolishing the filibuster, but the GOP leader may not actually have liberals’ best interests at heart.
  11. the filibuster
    How Dems Can Turn Filibuster Reform Into the ‘Moderate’ OptionThe imperative to pass a new voting rights act – and renew Biden’s child allowance – could erode moderate resistance to weakening the filibuster.
  12. the republican party
    The GOP’s Establishment Is More Populist Than Its TrumpistsHouse Republicans are more staunchly pro-Trump — and anti-minimum-wage hikes – than Mitch McConnell is.
  13. the senate
    The GOP Is Sabotaging Trump’s Economy a Month Before Election Day. Here’s Why.McConnell can afford to walk away from COVID relief because the Senate’s partisan skew tightly limits how many seats his party can lose.
  14. federal reserve
    The Coronavirus Crisis Reveals How Undemocratic America Has BecomeWe are outsourcing some of the most consequential policy decisions any republic can make to unelected bureaucrats.
  15. foreign interests
    Here’s How Trump’s Iran Policy Looks From Inside the SenateSenator Chris Murphy says his GOP colleagues know there’s no evidence that Soleimani posed an imminent threat. They just don’t care.
  16. democracy
    The Democrats Love Bipartisanship More Than They Fear TrumpAs Pelosi hands Trump a win on trade, and Biden defends the GOP’s good name, conservatives are entrenching their minority rule.
  17. the democrats
    Some Senate Democrats Value Susan Collins’s Friendship More Than PowerCollins does the bidding of plutocrats and pro-lifers. Democrats probably can’t govern unless she loses — but some are rooting for her, anyway.
  18. vision 2020
    Joe Manchin Is the Worst, But We’ll Miss Him When He’s GoneIf Manchin follows through on his retirement threat, Democrats will have a hard time taking back the Senate in 2020 — or the foreseeable future.
  19. jamal khashoggi
    The Senate Is Now So Sure MBS Killed Khashoggi, It Might Oppose Starving YemenGOP senators are now convinced that the Saudi Crown prince ordered the killing. As punishment, they just might stop helping him commit war crimes.
  20. A Dreamers-for-Wall Deal Could Pass the Senate — If Trump Lets ItA bipartisan group of senators just struck such a deal. But Trump is (reportedly) unwilling to compromise on cuts to legal immigration.
  21. The Case for New CaliforniaBreaking up the Golden State may sound crazy — but so is having a Senate that gives equal representation to California and Wyoming.
  22. McCain Gives Heroic Speech Denouncing Terrible Thing That He Just Voted ForThe senator calls on his colleagues to abandon their indefensible approach to Obamacare repeal — minutes after voting to let them keep at it.
  23. Susan Collins Says She May Run for Governor of Maine in 2018If she does, New England’s most racist governor will get to appoint Maine’s next senator.
  24. Chuck Schumer Says Democrats Will Filibuster GorsuchBut some moderate Democrats are reportedly willing to support Trump’s Supreme Court nominee for the right price.
  25. the senate
    GOP Senators Are Anxious About Nuking the FilibusterThe threat of the filibuster may be the only way for Senate Republicans to resist Trump, should that need arise.
  26. early and often
    Democrats Pick Up Their Second Senate Seat As Kelly Ayotte ConcedesRepublicans still have a majority, with 51 seats.
  27. Down-Ballot Republicans Are Trumped If They Do, Trumped If They Don’tIf vulnerable Republican candidates disavow Trump, they invite the ire of their own base. If they don’t disavow him, they alienate swing voters.
  28. Conservative Plutocrats Make Massive Investment in GOP Senate RacesTwo super-pacs designed to retain GOP Senate control took in $42 million last month, as Trump-averse donors focus their funds on the upper chamber.
  29. Sandoval Declines Supreme Court ConsiderationThat was fast.
  30. Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human TraffickersA Senate report finds that the federal government failed to conduct background checks on adults entrusted with the care of child migrants.
  31. spy games
    CIA Admits It Spied on Senators, After Insisting It Didn’tA big black eye for director John Brennan.
  32. politics
    Highlights From the Senate Burn Book: Dirty Money, Blackmail, and JFK Blow JobsTales from Lyndon Johnson adviser Bobby Baker, “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”
  33. gun control
    Republicans Still Not Ready for Gun Control, Plotting Filibuster InsteadFive are onboard so far.
  34. the most important people in the world
    Ashley Judd Not Running for Senate After AllThe actress announced today that she’s sitting this one out.
  35. the national interest
    Senators Decide Senate Is Mostly Awesome As IsThe clubbiest club on Earth stays clubby.