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The Standard Hotel

  1. racial profiling
    Black Women Accused of Prostitution at Hip HotelAnother ugly instance of racial profiling.
  2. lawsuits
    Fired Manager Recounts Giving Birth in Standard Hotel RoomShe’s suing for $10 million.
  3. neighborhood news
    Businessman Sues the Standard Hotel After Rape AcquittalDid the hotel’s “racy atmosphere” play a part in false claims?
  4. neighborhood news
    Hotel Designer Scuffle!“I designed the Standard New York.” “No, we did!”
  5. vu.
    Standard Hotel Rejects OrgyThat’s not very nice.
  6. unsurprised by nudity
    As We Suspected, High Line High Jinks Planned by Standard StaffIs it even legal to ask your staffers to strip down in public?
  7. surprised by nudity
    Standard Hotel’s Exhibitionist Enthusiasm Finally Bites It in the AssYou know, because there’s a park under the hotel. Where people take their children.
  8. neighborhood news
    Standard Hotel Calls for Nude PhotosAndré Balazs’s hotel staff is encouraging people to have more public sex over the High Line.
  9. party lines
    Zac Posen Isn’t Impressed by Sex at the Standard“If you look on the Internet, it seems pretty obvious that a lot of people like to look at naked people fucking.”
  10. neighborhood news
    Public Sex and the Standard Hotel“I’ve seen lights, leather, chains. Everything.”
  11. real estate
    Standard Hotel Gets Rave From Times Architecture Critic“In short, it is the kind of straightforward, thoughtfully conceived building that is all too rare in the city today.”
  12. neighborhood watch
    Gansevoort Landlord Burns His Tenant, Praises RivalApparently, the center of the meatpacking will no longer be that giant swatch of stiletto-unfriendly cobblestones in front of the Gansevoort.
  13. happy hostel-ing
    Unfortunately Timed Standard Hotel Opens Next WeekBut at least the rooms are cheap!
  14. photo op
    What the View From the Standard Will Look Like If It Ever OpensFrom the outside, the Standard still looks messy. But from the inside, looking out, it’s kind of impressive.
  15. company town
    ‘National Geographic’ Takes Home Three Awards at ASME CeremonyPlus, things are looking up on Wall Street, Skadden is doing better at doing good, and Andre Balazs finally sells the Hotel QT — all in our daily industry roundup.
  16. in other news
    André Balazs: Selling Hotels Is Standard ProcedureEver since yesterday’s little Gawker item about André Balazs selling three of his signature hotel properties (it turned out that it came from a Crain’s story), we’ve been wondering what’s up. Is our favorite hotelier and celebrity dater hard up for cash? Are delays and extra costs on his High Line–spanning Standard Hotel becoming a burden? Apparently not, according to Balazs himself. The Observer got him on the phone to talk about the transfers. “Quite frankly, we’re a little surprised about Crain’s much ado about nothing,” Balazs said. “It was financing. You know, we recently refinanced a bunch of the other properties and restructured them to take advantage of the capital markets. And these are all now stabilized properties that it’s just an opportune time to refinance them, meaning that they’ve been open long enough, and they’re steady and mature hotels.” So … everything’s okay? “It’s a routine recapitalizing and restructuring [of] the underlying debt or equity. We do it all the time. We control the management and control the properties.” Hm. We liked it better when all we had to think about was whether we liked his pretty lobbies. Andre Balazs Explains Hotel Moves: ‘We Do It All the Time’ [NYO] Hotelier selling assets in refinancing move [Crain’s NY]
  17. in other news
    Raising the Standard The High Line, as the headline read on Adam Sternbergh’s May cover story for New York, brings good things to life. One such good thing: André Balazs’s High Line–straddling Standard Hotel, which, according to the photo that showed up on Curbed today, seems well along its way to fruition. As it happens, a Daily Intel spy tells us it’s magnificently behind schedule and overbudget. But, then, it’s in the meatpacking district; of course it’s too expensive. High Line Construction Chronicles: Standard Anything But [Curbed] Related: The High Line: It Brings Good Things to Life [NYM]