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The Taxi Wars

  1. the taxi wars
    NYC Taxis Basically Trying to Become Yellow Ubers NowThe TLC has said cabs can remove partitions between riders and drivers. 
  2. the taxi wars
    NYC Shuts Down 5 of Uber’s 6 Dispatch SitesBut don’t worry: That won’t stop your ride from coming. 
  3. the taxi wars
    Using Uber to Hail a Taxi Is No Longer Free Starting today, there will be a $2 charge.
  4. uber
    Uber Driver Took Passed-Out Woman on a Very Long, Very Expensive Ride [Updated]She was charged $293 for what should have been a 4.8-mile trip.
  5. the taxi wars
    Uber Is Banned in GermanyThe German taxi industry gets a win for now.
  6. the taxi wars
    Uber Is Being Accused of More Shady Business TacticsThe taxi wars are getting really real.
  7. the taxi wars
    Uber and Lyft Both Launch Carpool Services to Let You Share Rides With StrangersMore backseat awkwardness, hooray!
  8. the taxi wars
    Lyft President on the Company’s NY Debut“I do think the pace at which we’re moving to create something new and the pace at which rules are created are at odds.”
  9. the taxi wars
    Uber Competitor Lyft Launches in Brooklyn and QueensPink mustaches, welcome to New York.
  10. the taxi wars
    UberX Is Now Cheaper Than Taking a Regular Taxi in New YorkThe price wars continue.
  11. the taxi wars
    Will a Taxi-Friendly De Blasio Administration Hurt Transportation Apps?Uber, Hailo, and other start-ups are trying to figure out what a De Blasio win will mean for them.