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The Third Terminator

  1. the third terminator
    Michael Bloomberg Rips Wolf Blitzer for Question That’s ‘Insulting to America’He informed the CNN host that he didn’t like his “tone.”
  2. rise of the machines
    Bloomberg Is Creating a New Gun-Control Group to Rival the NRAHe’ll spend $50 million this year, maybe more.
  3. the third terminator
    Revealed: Michael Bloomberg’s All-Business E-mails About Citi Bikes and Potholes“If I were to write him a nice love letter, he would respond, ‘tx,’” says a friend.
  4. bill de blasio’s new york
    Michael Bloomberg Calling It a Day a Little Early, Has Plans Tonight“I will still be on call till 11:59:59.”
  5. smokin’!
    Woman Protests E-Cigarette Ban by Smoking in Bloomberg’s PresenceIndoors!
  6. art
    Michael Bloomberg Almost Smiles in City Hall Bullpen PortraitHis legacy: frowns and an open floor plan.
  7. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Spent $650 Million of His Own Money Playing Fantasy MayorThe back-of-the-envelope math.
  8. the third terminator
    Honor Mayor Bloomberg’s Legacy by Purchasing This Painting of Him With an Owl“Hidden, stealth, swiftness, darkness, freedom.”
  9. the third terminator
    Baby Will Spend One Week As Mayor of New York City’s GrandsonAfter that, Jasper Michael Brown Quintana will just be another billionaire’s grandkid.
  10. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Finally Did Saturday Night LiveBetter late than never.
  11. the third terminator
    Michael Bloomberg and John Gambling Sign OffThis morning was the final weekly radio chat for the pair.
  12. the third terminator
    Bloomberg on Dasani: ‘That’s the Way God Works’ “This kid was dealt a bad hand,” he said. “I don’t know quite why.”
  13. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Starting Consulting Group for CitiesFor free.
  14. the third terminator
    Real El Bloombito to Haters: ‘Get a Life’The mayor says both his Spanish and his golf swing will continue to get better.
  15. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Getting Emotional in His Final MonthsSo the third terminator is human after all.
  16. the third terminator
    After Brief Respite, Bloomberg Pestered for Endorsements AgainFor Cuomo’s reelection bid.
  17. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Was in Bermuda During Train DerailmentShould we care?
  18. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Deploys Perfect Fashion Metaphor for De Blasio Win“I liken it to hemlines.”
  19. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Can’t Recall Ever Criticizing De Blasio Maybe he calls lots of people “racist”?
  20. smokin’!
    NYC Teens Have 180 Days to Buy As Many Cigarettes As They Can AffordBloomberg has raised the purchasing age to 21.
  21. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Has Always Said Whatever the Hell He Wants“Um, how do you think I got wealthy?”
  22. Did Reverse Bribery Help Bloomberg Govern?De Blasio won’t have those deep pockets to help him out.
  23. Bloomberg Promises Not to Criticize De Blasio For a Little While At Least“These jobs are tough enough without an extra voice criticizing you.”
  24. parenting
    Bloomberg Not Good With Children, Says DaughterGo figure.
  25. potent quotables
    Bigmouth Strikes Again: Michael Bloomberg’s Greatest Radio HitsHis weekly appearance on the “The John Gambling Show” left us with a glorious collection of gaffes.
  26. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Resists Urge to Gloat About Stop-and-Frisk, Embrace Weiner CostumeWhere’s his Halloween spirit?
  27. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s Plan to Hide the Cigarettes Won’t HappenBut the smoking age will probably rise.
  28. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s Bathroom Legacy in the ToiletCity lagging in the pay-potty department.
  29. art
    The Met Can Charge Whatever It Wants, Thanks to BloombergThe museum has amended its lease with the city amid two lawsuits.
  30. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Wins First ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’Just because New Yorkers aren’t paying attention doesn’t mean he’s being ignored.
  31. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Sees Lack of Affordable Housing As a ‘Good Sign’It is, for some people.
  32. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Forced Us to Photoshop Him As a Woman Wearing High HeelsHere is the (fake) photo. 
  33. art
    Mayor Bloomberg Does Not Care for This Banksy VandalismBut “nobody’s a bigger supporter of the arts than I am.”
  34. the third terminator
    Mexicans Don’t Want Bloomberg Harassing Them About Soda Consumption EitherHe “has the right to be crazy,” but can’t “impose his craziness on us.”
  35. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Pretended to Like His Potential SuccessorLong enough to shake hands with Lhota and De Blasio.
  36. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Blocked by CourtJust like the soda ban.
  37. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Offers Booker Help, Though He Doesn’t Really Need ItHe’s winning, but not by a big enough margin.
  38. the third terminator
    Seventh-Grade Essay on Mayor Bloomberg Sparks Kim Jong-il ComparisonThankfully, there are no consequences for insulting our dear leader.
  39. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Has a Secret E-mail AddressBut he uses it for public business, according to a report.
  40. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Remembers When It Was Only Safe to Eat at Tavern on the GreenBefore he fixed everything.
  41. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Can’t Understand Why Reporters Keep Asking Him About PoliticsIt’s like they think it’s his job or something.
  42. the third terminator
    Michael Bloomberg May Testify in CityTime CaseQuite a way to go out.
  43. white men with money
    Michael Bloomberg Thinks He’s a ‘Godsend’That goes for all billionaires.
  44. the third terminator
    N.Y. Post, NYPD Scaremonger Over Stop-and-FriskIt’s a coordinated scaremongering effort.
  45. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s Analysis of Colorado Gun RecallIt was a defeat for the NRA?
  46. the third terminator
    Hiding Cathie Black E-mails Cost City $160,000By city we mean taxpayers!
  47. Bloomberg Says He Won’t Endorse Anyone for MayorSorry, Joe Lhota.
  48. bon mots
    Fran Lebowitz Destroys Mayor Bloomberg in Quip-Off“Here’s how many lives he’s saved: zero.”
  49. the third terminator
    De Blasio Responds to Bloomberg’s Comments About His ‘Racist’ CampaignAnd it all started right here.
  50. the third terminator
    Bloomberg May Endorse a Successor After AllDe Blasio could drive him to it.
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