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  1. Sarah Palin Definitely Didn’t Blame Obama for Her Son’s Arrest, Says Sarah Palin“I never said that.”
  2. oh w.
    George W. Bush Reveals New PaintingsThe former president’s art show opens today in Texas.
  3. photo op
    Matt Lauer Frolicking in Baywatch Costume GIFsBoo.
  4. mea culpas
    Paula Deen Still Wondering Why Black People Can Say the N-WordShe talked to Matt Lauer about it.
  5. morning news news
    Matt Lauer Rates Katie Couric a 14 Out of 10Physically a 9 or 10.
  6. sad things
    Today Show Cutter Has Harmed Himself in Public BeforeThis time, Pak Chong Mar blames the IRS.
  7. scary things
    A Man Tried to Stab Himself at the Today ShowHe was tackled by police.
  8. morning news news
    Brian Stelter’s Best Lines in Top of the MorningIt’s a strange business.
  9. morning news news
    ‘Operation Bambi’: How and Why NBC Kicked Ann Curry Off TodayMatt Lauer was involved.
  10. morning news news
    Bad Body Humor Not Helping Matt Lauer“I have a lower Q rating than polio right now.”
  11. morning news news
    Savannah Guthrie Swears She Didn’t Give Matt Lauer the Middle FingerMore travails at the Today show.
  12. morning news news
    Matt Lauer Damage Control Starting Small With Former InternIt’s been a tough week.
  13. morning news news
    Matt Lauer Is Now Being Called the New Ann CurryOuch.
  14. media
    John Ziegler Interviews Jerry Sandusky for NBCThe exclusive on NBC’s Today show was an outside job by a conservative filmmaker.
  15. babies
    George W. Bush Totally ‘Fired Up’ to Be a GrandpaReady to go!
  16. the great morning tv war
    Today Producer Shields Matt Lauer From Ann Curry Criticism Repeatedly.
  17. never forget
    NBC Airs Kardashian Instead of 9/11 TributeSeriously! Watch.
  18. the great morning tv war
    Today Show Clings to Bragging Rights Over Good Morning AmericaThe Ann Curry Curse is not a thing yet.
  19. the great morning tv war
    Good Morning America Is on a Little Roll Against Savannah GuthrieSavannah Guthrie, meanwhile, begins with a small losing streak.
  20. the great morning tv war
    Savannah Guthrie Had a Weak Debut Hosting TodayShe and Matt Lauer lost to ‘Good Morning America’ in the ratings.
  21. the great morning tv war
    Savannah Guthrie Got Her Today Show WelcomeThe new era has officially begun.
  22. the great morning tv war
    NBC News Head Says Ann Curry Wasn’t ‘Into It’“It” being most of her ‘Today’ responsibilities.
  23. the great morning tv war
    Savannah Guthrie Takes Ann Curry’s SpotFor now, at least.
  24. emotional farewells
    Ann Curry Gave Today a Tearful, Undermine-y Good-bye “This is not as I expected to ever leave this couch after fifteen years.”
  25. network news news
    NBC News ‘Struggling,’ ‘Slipping,’ and ‘Adrift’ in the Ratings WarIn the words of concurrent NYT and WSJ assessments.
  26. the great morning tv war
    Ann Curry on Her Way Out at TodayIt’s just not working.
  27. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Sells Soda Ban on National Doughnut DayThe mayor got a little bit of a hard time from Matt Lauer.
  28. the great morning tv war
    Good Morning America Beat Today in the Ratings Again Last WeekNow it’s really not a fluke!
  29. the great morning tv war
    Good Morning America Ends 16-Year Losing StreakAccording to preliminary numbers, at least.
  30. the great morning tv war
    Katie Couric Got a Ratings Win for Good Morning AmericaABC beat NBC at least one morning this week.
  31. media
    Sarah Palin Beat Katie Couric in the Ratings, But Didn’t Add ViewersNBC just topped ABC as usual.
  32. media
    Katie Couric Didn’t Win Monday for Good Morning AmericaNBC’s Today held on to its longtime dominance.
  33. media
    Sarah Palin Disses Romney As Katie Couric Coasts in Morning-Show BattleIt was a guest-host extravaganza on NBC and ABC today.
  34. the great morning tv war
    Sarah Palin vs. Katie Couric: Live-Blogging the Morning Showdown!“Today” and “Good Morning America” both have special hosts…
  35. media
    Morning Show Turncoat Katie Couric to Guest-Host Good Morning AmericaThe former Today star is switching sides temporarily.
  36. squatters
    Ann Curry’s Upper West Side Townhouse Is Frequently Populated by Homeless MenAnd never herself.
  37. pranks for the memories
    Watch Kathie Lee Swear She’s Off the Sauce and Other April Fools’ Gags of Morning TVDon’t scare us like that again!