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    The Urban-Rural Divide Matters More Than Red Versus Blue StateThe more metropolitan liberals resist, protest, and strike, the more foreign they will become to the rest of the country.
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    The Globalization of Local RadioDonga shows in Darwin, Australia, choro deep cuts in Rio, and shipping-container electronica in Brooklyn.
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    London Is Already Feeling the Post-Brexit FalloutThe impact on 16 Londoners, from a ceramicist who’s worried about international art fairs to a city worker whose retirement plans have been killed.
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    What It’s Like to Be a Teenager in a Rapidly Changing Havana“I can’t travel much, so I like that people come to Havana from all over the world. Meeting them is like a vacation. A very small vacation.”
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    How Kids Around the World Get to SchoolFrom kayaks in Nepal to motorcycles in Bangkok.
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    The Best and Worst Cities to Be a DogThe pupcakes at the new canine bakery in Seattle are great. The annual dog-eating festival in Yulin, less so.
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    Just What Kind of Democratic Town Is Philly?Delegates will find roast-pork bao with provolone — and a host of hot-button issues.
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    8 Creative Ways Cities Are Combating Rising TemperaturesFrom street spritzes in Japan to man-made wind in the Middle East.
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    Where to Find Quiet in Chaotic CitiesThe global quest for a little peace in loud places.
  10. Can Boston Ever Be Fun? It’s certainly trying, by altering laws — and, when that’s not possible, wiggling around them. 
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    A Guide to Los Angeles’s Wildly Inventive New Architecture These buildings embrace nature, density, and public space.
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    Expat Tips for When You Flee President TrumpLife in Bali, Shanghai, and Beirut.
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    Uber Drivers Around the World Tell AllFrom Mexico City (where they reveal taco tips) to Cape Town (with a new female driver) to the south of France.
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    These Are the Cities Within New York CityPart industrial park, part adult playground.
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    Life in Paris’s 10th and 11th Arrondissements, 3 Months After the AttacksA return to pleasures, amid an unwillingness to ever forget.