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  1. politics
    What Happens to Trump’s Wall Now?Biden temporarily halted border wall funding and construction, but wrapping up Trump’s pet project promises to be a messy and expensive task.
  2. the wall
    Whistleblower: Companies Building Trump’s Wall Smuggled In Armed Mexican GuardsSubcontractors allegedly built illegal roads to bring in Mexican armed guards to protect job sites, and overcharged the government for services.
  3. interesting times
    Why Boris Johnson’s Awful Start Could Still End in Tory Triumph and Hard BrexitEven with all the questionable moves, he still has a lot of political advantages over his opponents.
  4. the wall
    Trump Can’t Stop Talking About His Border Wall Designs: ReportTrump used to wake Kirstjen Nielsen up with calls about the wall, and has tons of ideas for the barrier that don’t always keep utility in mind.
  5. the national interest
    Trump’s Emergency Declaration Shows He Is Unfit for OfficeAt worst, the president is trashing the Constitution. At best, he is using the courts to rescue him from a massive blunder.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Has Willed the Wall Into Existence With His MindA new stage of fantasy begins with Trump’s most famous campaign promise.
  7. the national interest
    Trump Finally Realizes Democrats Aren’t Falling for His Wall Renaming Trick“If you vote for it, we’ll call it a fence … Ha ha, suckers, it’s a wall again!”
  8. today in trump
    Donald Trump’s The Art of the KeelOn the ground in the Rose Garden, Trump’s attempt to spin the shutdown felt like a teleprompter-aided therapy session.
  9. the wall
    The People Who Tried to Crowdfund the Wall Are Now Trying to Build It ThemselvesBrian Kolfage says his group is going to try to raise the money to buy the land and build the wall themselves — without the federal government.
  10. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Welcome to Act III of the Trump TragedyThreatening the unnecessary use of emergency powers to accomplish a trivial political goal marks a new phase in America’s anti-democratic spiral.
  11. the wall
    Trump May Fund the Wall With Cash Meant for Actual EmergenciesAs Trump prepares to reroute $13.9 billion in natural disaster funding, Democrats get ready to slow him down in court and in the House.
  12. the wall
    Republicans Fear Trump’s Fake National Emergency Could Pave Way for a Real OneMarco Rubio thinks out loud: You wouldn’t want some Democrat to use special powers on climate change, would you?
  13. the wall
    Trump Never Actually Believed in the WallIt seems unlikely that Trump actually thinks a wall is his best border security option. But now, he is stuck with it.
  14. the national circus
    Frank Rich: With Trump’s Speech, the Networks Surrendered to Bill ShineThe Oval Office address about the southern border was straight out of a master propagandist’s playbook.
  15. the national interest
    The U.S. Doesn’t Have a Border Crisis. Trump’s Campaign Does.A president trapped by his own laziness and ignorance flails hopelessly.
  16. the national interest
    Pence Says Trump Thought Presidents on TV Were Talking Privately to HimAlternatively, when Trump said former presidents urged him to build the wall, he was just lying.
  17. the national interest
    Rich People’s Houses Have Walls. Also Roofs. The U.S. Should Have a Roof.Trump is totally right that what’s good for a house is good for the country.
  18. the wall
    Trump: Give Me a Wall or I’ll Engineer a RecessionThe president promises to close the southern border to all commerce if Congress refuses to fund his monument to American xenophobia.
  19. the wall
    The Insurmountable Obstacle to Trump’s WallCongress can’t agree on what Trump’s wall is, because Trump can’t admit what it’s for.
  20. the national interest
    Trump Wants to End the Filibuster. He’s Right.The Senate rules make no sense.
  21. the national interest
    Why Fox News Made Trump Shut Down the GovernmentDonald Trump had a plan to pretend Mexico paid for the wall. Conservative media decided not to buy it.
  22. the wall
    Trump to Congress: Fund the Wall — Or Not, Either Way Works for MeThe great negotiator says Congress must fund his border wall — unless they don’t want to, in which case the military can just build it anyway.
  23. the national interest
    Trump Thinks the Military Should Fund His Wall Without CongressThat’s not how any of this works.
  24. Trump Plugs Wall After Border-Patrol Agent Is Killed in TexasThe incident — which Senator Ted Cruz called an “attack” — left Rogelio Martinez dead and his partner seriously injured.
  25. Trump’s New Anti-Immigration Pitch Makes Even Less Sense Than His Old OneIt’s unlikely to improve working-class wages or employment prospects.