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The War In Afghanistan

  1. the war in afghanistan
    Friendly Fire Airstrike Kills 5 U.S. Soldiers in AfghanistanA bomber accidentally hit them after they called for air support.
  2. the war in afghanistan
    U.S. Declares Afghanistan a ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’The last country to get that designation was Pakistan, in 2004.
  3. the war in afghanistan
    U.S. Troops Posed for Pictures With Dead Suicide Bombers in AfghanistanThe Los Angeles ’Times’ has released the photos despite requests from the government not to publish them.
  4. nightmare scenarios
    American Soldier Kills Sixteen Afghan Civilians, Motive Still Unknown [Updated]Hamid Karzai: This “cannot be forgiven.”
  5. 9 11
    A Lot of Young Afghans Have No Idea About 9/1192 percent of young men surveyed said they didn’t know about “this event which the foreigners call 9/11.”