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The War On Christmas

  1. the war on christmas
    Berlin Thinks Nonbelievers Need Religious Holidays, TooEven though they don’t believe in God.
  2. the war on christmas
    Atheist Billboard Will Make Palin’s Head ExplodeThe “true” meaning of Christmas is … Chinese food?
  3. the war on christmas
    Georgia School’s War on Christmas Reveals Huge Double StandardOne father is outraged. 
  4. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Hosts Clearly Didn’t Read Sarah Palin’s Christmas BookSteve Doocy’s favorite part was the first sentence. 
  5. america’s sweetheart
    The Sarah Palin War-on-Christmas SoundboardListen to her rail against the liberal atheist heathens. 
  6. the war on christmas
    Jon Stewart Rips Into Fox News’ ‘War on Christmas’Christmas actually ate up Thanksgiving this year.
  7. the war on christmas
    The War on Christmas: Be Careful What You Pray ForFreedom of religion also applies to the Pastafarians.
  8. the war on christmas
    Jim DeMint Finds the Holidays DistractingHe’s too excited about Christmas.
  9. the war on christmas
    An Actual War on Christmas Is Happening at the Entrance to the Lincoln TunnelAn atheist billboard and a Catholic billboard go head-to-head.
  10. the war on christmas
    Curmudgeonly Oklahoma Senator Won’t Ride in Parade That Recognizes the Existence of Non-ChristiansHe’d rather stay home than participate in a “holiday parade.”
  11. the war on christmas
    The Republicans Have Turned Against Christmas’Happy Holidays’? Bold move, RNC.