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The Yellow Dogs

  1. very sad things
    Brooklyn Band Shooter Described Conspiracy Theory During Struggle With SurvivorA secret mission to blow up a building in New York.
  2. the yellow dogs
    Why Did an Iranian Musician in Williamsburg Snap?Shooter Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie did not find the success and community he craved.
  3. very sad things
    The Yellow Dogs Speak on Brooklyn Bandmate Murders“This is not the way we ever imagined the world would learn of our story.”
  4. guns
    Williamsburg Indie-Rock Killer Stashed 100 Rounds in Guitar CaseHe used a .308 assault rifle.
  5. The Tragic History of the Yellow Dogs, Iran’s Indie-Rock Hope in BrooklynTwo members were shot dead yesterday in Williamsburg, prematurely ending quite a journey.