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  1. flight mh370
    MH370: What the Wing Flap Tells Us and What It Doesn’tThe discovery of a Boeing 777 part on the island of Réunion is a major development in the case of the missing airliner. But it also raises some questions.
  2. theories
    How Crazy Am I to Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?In the year since its vanishing, I fell in with a group of obsessive amateur aviation sleuths. A million theories bloomed, including my own.
  3. flight 370
    5 Not-So-Crazy Theories About Missing Malaysia Flight 370The internet has, somehow, come up with some moderately informed explanations.
  4. early and often
    Democrats Find Another Way to Look at the Glass Quarter-FullToday’s theory: early voters!
  5. politics
    Newt Gingrich Has Figured Out ObamaApparently the president of the United States has the worldview of a “Kenyan.”
  6. theories
    Loose-Lipped Hookers Tarnish Oldest ProfessionRecent news stories suggest prostitutes’ moral code has been compromised.
  7. cleaning up
    Why Is Tony Hayward Smiling?You’re not allowed to smile!
  8. theories
    With Rudy Out, Things Could Go Either Way for GillibrandJust ask the experts.