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They’re Good Dogs Brent

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    Woman Spots Dog Her Family Gave Up 10 Years Ago and, No, You’re CryingWhen Kate Griffin’s parents gave Cami the cockapoo away after they got divorced, Griffin thought she’d never see her dog again.
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    This Perfect Video of a Man Hugging a Dog on a Boat Will Cure What Ails YouJackson is a very good dog.
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    Avalanche Rescue Pup Performs a Literal Interpretation of Sled DogsTruckee decided he didn’t need a sled to go sledding.
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    This Terrier Isn’t Great at the Obstacle Course, But He’s Having Lots of FunA dog named Olly gave an adorably bad performance at the Crufts dog show.
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    Today in Good Twitter: Dog and Owner Reunited Amid Trump Travel BanIranian native Nazanin Zinouri couldn’t get back to her home in the United States for over a week as a result of Trump’s travel ban.