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Things That Are Awesome

  1. things that are awesome
    Coached by Phone, Transit Cops Delivered a Baby at Yankee StadiumLike a call from tech support, but with more crying.
  2. things that are awesome
    NYU Students Are Torturing Each Other via E-mailWhen you can “reply all” to 40,000, you do so.
  3. beautiful things
    Tom Wolfe Wears a White Suit Even at the GymWhite button-down, long pants.
  4. slayers
    David Einhorn on St. Joe Company’s ‘Field of Schemes’We have to hand it to David Einhorn. When he goes in for the kill, he does it with panache.
  5. things that are awesome
    ‘Tornado In Effect … Marcus Garvey And Myrtle’New York: Even freak storms can’t cramp our style.
  6. fish in the sea
    Your Ex-Boyfriend Is in the Times TodayOf the many odd and repellent-looking creatures in existence, the ones that are most disturbing are the ones whose features are recognizable.
  7. things that are awesome
    Private-Equity Mogul Jim Dunning: ‘Diminutive,’ ‘Ball-Achingly Indulgent’Says former employee.
  8. awesome things
    Someone Has Been Torturing Midwestern TV Stations by Pretending to Be a Yo-yo ChampionMeet Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser, who may be the love of our lives.
  9. Senator to Fab Fab: ‘How Did It Make You Feel’ to Have All of Your Personal E-mails Released?With little to go on, the Senate subcommittee starts prodding Goldman executives for an emotional reaction.
  10. cumming v. goldman round 2
    Goldman Sachs Pleads Alan Cumming to Continue to Take Their Filthy Lucre“A couple of hours after the NY mag piece went online I received an email from Goldman Sachs reminding me of the amount of cash I had made whilst my money was with them.”
  11. the greatest depression
    Finally, a Broadway-Style Song About Credit Default SwapsIt’s awesome.
  12. i die
    Man Spends Twenty Years Looking for Human Fossils and His 9-Year-Old Finds One Just Like ThatHis father, naturally, began “cursing wildly.”
  13. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Is Literally a Rock Star NowThe Oracle performs a power ballad.
  14. how do you like me now
    Jamie Dimon Ups the AnteFrom now on, shareholders will decide the JPMorgan CEO’s pay.
  15. panic-demics
    Long Island Doctor’s Swine-Flu Rap Unexpectedly Awesome“Stop the bedlam,” the good doctor rhymes. “If you think you’re infected, seek attention.”
  16. white men with money
    Introducing Stewie Rah Rah, Bearer of Awesome Business CardHis motto is: “If I don’t tell you how great I am, who will?” Who indeed.
  17. fun felons
    Chase Thief Robin Katz Has Always Been the Life of the PartyIt’s too bad the fun felon was arrested last weekend. She would have had a blast.
  18. things that are awesome
    Crown to Reopen at Statue of LibertyFor the first time since 9/11, the iconic tourist spot will be open for business.
  19. equal rites
    Marriage Equality Legalized in MaineThe very day it reached his desk, Maine governor John Baldacci signed a bill legalizing marriage between same-sex couples into law.
  20. sex on skates
    Sex on Skates Opens Up to Tyra About Unsafe SexLevi Johnston chose an unusual place for his mainstream-media debut after the election and the birth of his child, and boy, are we glad he did.
  21. equal rites
    Iowa Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex-Marriage Ban UnconstitutionalFor the first time ever in a Midwestern state, gay couples can now marry.
  22. things that are awesome
    We’re Sorry, But E*TRADE’s Baby Ads Are HilariousMike and the Mechanics + talking babies.